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Participation of CJSC "Proletariy" in the conference "IT-technologies in the wood and paper industry"

Head of CJSC "Proletariy" ACS service Konovalenko Yuri Nikolayevich   participated in  the 2nd annual conference "IT-technologies in the  wood and paper industry", which took place in Petrozavodsk (Republic of Karelia). The conference was organized by "Neosystems North-West LTD" – leading company in  in the  wood and paper industry automation .Representatives of different enterprises came to the conference : timber cutting, wood-sawing wood-working, pulp-and-paper-making и corrugated-board-making.Among the participants of  the conference there were professionals of the following companies: "Ilim"-Group, "Vyatka plywood mill", "Segezha pulp-and-paper plant", "LP Management", "PLO Onegales", "Onega woodworking plant" ,"Segeza group", "Karelia pulp",  CJSC "Proletariy", "Altailes", "AVA Company", "Kartontara", "Velsk wood company", "PPM Кama", "Hasslacherles", "Belyi Ruchei" and others.

Two weeks of rebuild are behind. Ahead is still the same.

Fifth KDM rebuild is already two weeks. Behind - half of the time scheduled for the "big shut down".Project Manager – Aldokimov Sergey Maksimovich commented on the progress of modernisation - Today (4.11.2015 – approx. ed.) the old channel of the dryer and pre dryer section of BM 5 is completely dismantled . In their place a new drying group installation is made of about 80% of the planned activities.Installation of hood began.The old drive is dismantled.The old broke pulpers are completely disassembled. The engines are mounted on a new base, the old concrete tables are removed.The area is prepared for the installation of new ones. By the way, the new pulpers are already practically completed.As soon as the foundation is ready both units will be installed in their place.

New reduction - cooling unit

М5 KDM modernization has affected all related Department and division of JSC "Proletarian". The water in the plant will be supplied under the new scheme, and therefore in the service of water treatment has changed. Ready to launch the "fifth" employees of the quality control Department and laboratory: in connection with toughening of requirements to quality of manufactured products all specialists have been trained and received the necessary appliances. The big changes were made and the energy supply system plant No. 2: updated "fifth" need more vapor. To this end installed, configured and put into operation a new ROW. The equipment has a capacity that exceeds the maximum possible needs 5 BM: made this with the expectation of further improving the performance of shop # 2. At the moment a new ROW is configured and is functioning on a temporary basis in limited capacity; the professional and engineering staff of the enterprise received the required training.

Everyone will go down in history

Installation of the new "fifth", all forces, thoughts, and resources aimed at accelerating the successful completion of this large-scale construction projects. Work in the shops of the enterprise is around the clock, without days off and breaks. But this is not just installation of new equipment, this is a story that each of us creates himself. From the archives of regional Newspapers and Chronicles we all know how far in 1941, our factory, which is an important strategic object, dismantled and taken to the rear; then, after her Victory was restored. Remember how in 1956 year was established in the shops of the new German equipment. Now, before our eyes is created the next milestone in the development of the company and all Surazh district. And someday all we will to our children and grandchildren proud to tell about the difficult two thousand and fifteenth! To appreciate the scale of modernization, we offer you to watch this video It is not our production (and not even our country), but the amount of works – about the same.

In less than a month will be ready the same film about the modernization of our 5 KDM. Shooting is already underway. 24 hours a day in the shop number 2 has several video cameras, the captured video will be processed, assembled, and very soon we will see a movie where the main characters will be all of us. The film will be posted on our website. Anyone can download it on his memory.

Поздравляем сотрудников автотранспортного цеха

Если сравнить производство ЗАО «Пролетарий» с живым организмом, то его автотранспортный цех по праву можно назвать частью кровеносной системы. Частью потому, что работу предприятия обеспечивает еще и железнодорожный транспорт. Но сегодня, в канун профессионального праздника, разговор об автомобилистах. Только большегрузных фур в цехе 28 единиц. Их можно встретить на дорогах практически всех центральных регионов России. Логотип «СТК» хорошо знают и в соседней Беларуси, с которой предприятие связывают давние партнерские отношения. Из Суража машины доставляют потребителям картон и гофропродукцию, домой в основном везут сырье для производства.

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