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JSC “Proletariy” is responsible tax payer!

From 2010 when social tax was changed into  insurance premium to the budget of  pension fund, funds of compulsory medical and social insurance was the competition for the title of the most responsible ta payer.  This year certificate of high social responsibility was given to Joint Stock Company for technical boar production, paper and product from it JSC - “Proletariy”. General Director of the mill is Kovtunov Nicolay Viktorovich. The competition had three steps. Firstly the best employers were chosen in the districts, then in the region and at the last on final national step pension fund of Russia told best of the best.

BM-4 was stopped

Moving it is a live, ancient told this; and these words are suitable to modern business: you should not stop! Rebuild of BM-5 has not finished yet: there are a lot to do; but “Proletariy” it is not only BM-5. The next will be department №1; it is called “old production”. Today BM-4 stopped forever, it was very old physically. On the picture BM-4 the same it will go to the history. This difficult decision was made because of high production cost produced on BM-4. The quality of the board produced on BM-4 till the last day was high but often and expensive repairs, difficult labor conditions of the staff, uneconomical energetic equipment led that board of directors of JSC “Proletariy” decided to stop BM-4. It is only the beginning of global project for rebuild of department №1.

New warehouse produced technical board

Because of increasing of technical board production on updated BM-5 it was thought about the room for keeping of final product. Besides, it is planned relocation of all volume of core board on BM-5 also requires very good schedule of keeping the final product. As it was written on our web-site in 2014 BM-2 was stopped. All product range produced on machine of technical board: core board, book binder board, gasket board and so on were relocated on other four machines. Equipment was dismantled: some equipment was handed over to metal, some equipment kept for needs of JSC “Proletariy”.


Stock company “Proletariy” sells to people corrugated boxes of the following size:

Inner size

Mark of the board

Quantity (pieces)

Price for one,piece with VAT (rub)

350 х 210 х 120

Т-22 brown



380 х 380 х 150

Т-22 brown



380 х 380 х 165

Т-22 brown



380 х 380 х 500

Т-22 brown



385 х 270 х 270

Т-22 brown



318 х 148 х 95

Т-22 brown



380 х 285 х 228

Т-22 brown



600 х 400 х 145

Т-22 brown



Everybody who wants to buy corrugated boxes can apply to the sales department of corrugated production. The sale will be till the end of May.

New light system was installed in the department of BM-5

New light system with updated inductive lamps was installed in the department №2 in machine hall of BM-5. Before in 2012 when new part of photodiode lamps were bought for wrapping line, the supplier suggested to buy some new inductive lamps. We bought and installed some new lamps. Three years of continuous operation showed high reliability and efficiency of equipment, as a result it was decided to change the whole light system in the department of BM-5.

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