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Representatives of “Voith” company visited JSC “Proletariy”

Representatives of “Voith” company visited JSC “Proletariy”. Main target was to present to the mill new tutor of the BM-5 project. We will coordinate the work of project manager from side of “Voith” company. This measure became forced. The realization of the project from technical side became too slow. That’s why the necessity of coordination the project of high range appeared for the updating the status of the project and for agreement schedule of the finishing. New tutor was presented the punch list (problems for project realization) and the dates of solving the problems were agreed. The parties agreed every week to have audio and video conference between the specialists of “Voith” and “Proletariy”.

Sergei Aldokimov is an engineer of Bryansk region!

As it was written before on our web-site this year two main specialists of JSC “Proletariy” became winners of region competition “Engineer of the year”. Today the second winner head of the shift department №2 Aldokimov Sergei shared his impressions.
- I am from dynasty of paper markers. In childhood I went to the mill with my father. It was interested how from waste is produced paper. You cannot imagine how little child was impressed from big paper machines! From early childhood I wanted to work here.  I don’t have the choice where to go to study.  

Pavel Zhurbenko is a winner of region competition “Engineer of the year”

Winners of professional competition “Bryansk region engineer of the year” this year became two main specialists of JSC “Proletariy”! Pavel Zhurbenko one of the main specialists, main engineer-designer on the mill told us the following.
- My interst of drawing at school determined and my future. Drawing was of my favorite subjects that is why after school I entered to study specialized Institute in St. Petersburg. I chose specialization “Mechanics of automation industry”. I studied by the assignment JSC “Proletariy”. The mill paid for all my preparation. I also had practice here. I remember when I came to the mill the first time, saw this big production, large machines, mechanisms. It was interested to see how people work there.

Interview of General Director JSC “Proletariy” for newspaper “Komanda”

Comparing the capacity of BM-5 in 2015 and 2016 we can sure say that it is increased greatly.  How did rebuild project of main capacity on the mill become to be compensate in the first months, so the  same investment projects in Russia became to benefit  only in some years?  What salary can the people wait from October? What is the strategy of the mill in the nearest future? General Director of JSC “Proletariy” Kovtunov N.V. told about it in conversation with our reporter

It will be installed new sheet stacker on glue area

Increasing of technical board demands increasing of capacity for its processing. Gluing area has been working on the mill for many years where from book binder board get final board sheets of necessary size with thickness 2 or more mm. Dill now final product was packed manually: workers were able to do this volume.

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