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Direction on Proletariy

For the convenience of drivers which arrive on JSC “Proletariy” to take products and deliver waste paper road signs were installed in the town.
It is difficult for big trucks to go on narrow streets of the town, the drivers had to clarify the way on the phone at managers. Management of the mill decided to install signs with superscription “JSC Proletariy”.
Totally it was manufactured 7 signs at the expenses of the mill pointed the way. The work for its installation was done by the force of JSC “Proletariy”.  

Group of JSC “Proletariy” was in Germany

Group of JSC “Proletariy” visited Germany. Main target of the trip was visiting of company  «BHS». Head of corrugated department Polozhentsev Yevgeniy shared his impressions from this business trip:
- Partners showed project of new corrugated machine with excellent technological values. We were surprised with the opportunities of equipment. Installed electronics an software allows to do control over the production from one computer and to make changes at one to the operation of the machine.


JSC “Proletariy” sells to the population:
- metal stainless and plastic grids. It can be used as the material for the fence, hedge, cage for the pets and also for design purposes in the garden ( as the frame for the plants) and for the improvement of the yard.
-wool technical felt of different density and thickness for different domestic needs.   
For detail information you can ask to the Head of Procurement – Cheplya Marina Vladimirovna

New equipment was supplied on sewage treatment plants

New equipment for disinfection of waste water was supplied on sewage treatment plants which services not only our plant but also the whole town. Chlorine was used for water cleaning, before its reservoir kept in secure facility within twenty-four hours. As it is known chlorine is very toxicant and deadly; in case of its leakage, it would be danger not only the staff working there but also surroundings. Fortunately there were not such events. It was decided to refuse from keeping of chlorine in order to exclude the opportunity of infection with chlorine surroundings.

Preparation to warranty test BM-5

The date of warranty test for BM-5 comes closer. Production of technical board all this time is not stopped; the production already became higher in comparison before rebuild, the quality of produced technical board improved, however at this moment BM-5 did not reach project capacity. According to the concluded agreement at the end of August BM-5 will be stopped during two days. Within this time all necessary preparation work to the warranty run will be done. After it with participation of leading specialists “Proletariy” and representatives of “Voith” warranty test will be done within this time the capacity of paper machine will be increased till 100%.

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