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New lighting on the department for production of binder board

Новое освещение в цехе по производству переплётного картонаAs it was written on our web-site, it will rebuild of size machine in the nearest future on JSC “Proletariy’. Of course the target of this rebuild will be increasing volume of production of book binder board. Necessary equipment for rebuild will be supplied in the nearest time but the work in the department has already been started.
     It was done installation and start-up of modern lighting system in the department with the force of electric department without contractors.

JSC “Proletariy” is in the III annual conference “Lesprom – IT. Information technology in the forest industry”

Lesprom-ITThere was the third annual conference of “Lesprom – IT”. Information technologies in forest industry” in Karelia. Yuriy Konovalenko head of automatic control system department JSC “proletariy” was in the list of representatives more fifty plants of wood-processing pulp and paper industry. Hosts of conference – company “Neosystems North West LTD”. It is the partner of the company “1C” and a lot of years it is specialized on integration of accounting automation systems in pulp and paper industry.
Conference “Lesprom – IT” is suppose for real-life communication and exchange of experience of IT specialists in automation sphere. Number of reporters on this event increases every year.

Production of electrical board

Производство электрокартона ЭВ АО ПролетарийElectrical board (press paper) is produced from unbleached kraft pulps with adding of chemicals, galipot, sometimes cotton fibers; most of all the colour of the board of light brown, “nut” town. This kind of technical kind is as transformer paper, materials contained film, material based on mica, varnished cloth and so on refer to electrical isolated material. It is produced with calendaring.
 There are different king of electrical board which is differ from each other its characteristics and consequently – its sphere of application. Electrical board EV it is the most popular from this king of product, its production is done according to GOST 4194-83.
According to this document there are different kinds of electrical board:

It is interesting. Secrets of electrical board

Электрокартон АО ПролетарийEverybody knows electrical board or electrical isolated board is for isolation of some electrical machines and equipment. Power and oscillation transformers, power motors, radio technical apparatus, antenna, defense industry it is only some part the spheres where electrical board is used on the direct purpose. In accordance in this case main property of electrical board is used - big electrical resistance and subsequently - electrical strength till dozens of kilovolt on mm.

We congratulate!

On the eve of forest industry two workers of JSC “Proletariy” were awarded with certificates of honor! For long-term honest work and because of professional holiday – Day of forest workers Matushchenko Galina Evgenievna  - head of work  department and salary working on the mill from August 1982 and Kashchaev Alexander Vasilievich  - electrician for repair maintenance of electric equipment working on the mill from 1977 were awarded with breastplates and  certificates of honor. On behalf of all staff JSC “Proletariy” we join to congratulations and wish good health and further professional success!

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Товарищеский матч в суражской колонии поселения

Товарищеский матч в суражской колонии поселения
В товарищеском матче футбольный клуб "Пролетарий" сразился с командой осуждённых Суражской колонии поселения....

Футбол на Брянщине запретят

Футбол на Брянщине запретят
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Внимание - футбол 7 октября

Внимание - футбол 7 октября
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ФК “Пролетарий”- одиннадцатикратный чемпион Брянской области по футболу!

ФК “Пролетарий”- одиннадцатикратный чемпион Брянской области по футболу!
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