Orthodox Christians from Surazh celebrated the holiday of Kazan Holy mother icon

В Сураже отметили праздник иконы Казанской Божьей МатериNovember 4 our country celebrated two holidays at once. And the first holiday – National Unity Day everybody knows (this day in Russia is day off); but about the second holiday - icon of Kazan day of Holy mother a lot of people forget. Although it is one of the greatest holiday of Oriental Church. I would like to say with proud that in Surazh this holiday is remembered and worshiped in spite of any state and economic changes.  

Крестный ход в Сураже. Праздник иконы Казанской Божьей МатериThis year the celebration started in Surazh church with Communion service and divine worship which is led by beneficiary protopope Vladimir Pharaoh. Beneficiary told about great benefits and miracles connected with icon of Kazan of Holy mother.
It was pleased to hear that among praying people were representatives of state authorities: head of Surazh district V.P. Zuzko, deputy of administration head V.L. Boidariko, deputy of the head on social issues Z.A. Prokhorenko. Viktor Petrovich Zuzko joined to the congratulations of beneficiary and also congratulated orthodox Christians with great holiday. Then as it was four centuries ago the celebration continued with Cross Procession along the streets of the native town.
History of icon Kazan holy mother originates in depth of centuries and began in 1579. After arwal fire in Kazan where many people were died and lost their houses, a girl of 12 years old was in her dream Hole Mother and showed her a place where the icon must lay. The girl did not believe her dream and Holy Mother was in her dream twice, before mother and scared girl came to the mentioned place and found the icon in the flames which was not damaged. It happened July 21, 1579. The icon began to do miracles and in the first day of its appearance after its touching two local blind people began to see.
Of course, the icon with great honors was relocated in the cathedral of the Annunciation (it is the most ancient Christian church in Kazan) and since that moment July 21 has been celebrated as the holiday of summer Kazan Holy Mother.
Ivan Grozny when he heard about miracle icon he wished to see it but he did not decide to require original. Under his order it was done some copies form this icon, one of them was delivered to the king in Moscow (later in 1737 this copy was sent to St. Petersburg to the church of the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God). And with the other list (copy) is connected the release Moscow from the Poles. November (October 22 on the old style) 1612 the copy of the icon with great honors was delivered in the capital by D. Pozharskiy who headed folk liberation movement. According to the legend this particular helped to clean Moscow from occupiers. Since November 4 (October 22) it is celebrated with Christian church as autumn holiday of Kazan Holy mother icon.

Погода в Сураже