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Organizing committee Lesprom Awards named the leaders of the sphere in 2017

Объявлены победители всероссийской премии лесной промышленностиAward ceremony of the winners «Lesprom Awards» all-Russian pulp and paper premia stabled in 2002 by information trade system «Lesprom Network» was hold. This award annually got the companies and persons for innovations in resources-saving technologies and outstanding production results in pulp and paper industry.

Under the opinion the portal the visitors «Lesprom Awards»,taking part in online voting, the best manager of the year became the director of stock company “Arkhangelskiy pulp and paper mill” Dmitriy Zylyov. The other winner from the same mill became Milena Avada who got the nomination “The best press secretary/ PR-manager of the year”. But the list of the awards of Arkhangelskiy pulp and paper mill did not finish:  under the conditions of fierce competition became the winner in the nomination “Business for society” for large quantity of realized socially important projects in the sphere of science, education and ecology in pulp and paper industry.
The mill  «SZAO Trans-center» (Gomel, Belarus) got the premium in nomination “Hi-Tech in pulp and paper industry” for adoption of technology for procurement and processing of Bog Oak.
AO “Mondi SLPK” also got an award: according to the version of  «Lesprom Awards» this company is the best in the sphere of management the forests and multilevel system of conservation biology.
In the nomination “Green energy” ZAO “Lesozavod 25” (Arkhangelsk) got the prize for innovation project of start-up boiler on bark rejects of pulp and paper production.
But the victory got in the nomination “The best investment project “ Segezha Group” for the rebuild project Segezhskiy pulp and paper mill, we have already mentioned on our web-site about it.
In the nomination established” World Wildlife Fund Russia”  and association  “Ecological responsible producer” the company  “IKEA” won because raw material for the goods produced in our country on  98% certified on international systems  BCI, CARB, EPA и FSC.
This year special prize of the magazine “Lesnaya industria” got the most efficient business (according to the top list TOP-50 leading companies of pulp and paper industry 2016) group “ILIM”, its profit was 111, 69 mld.rub. According to the version of this magazine last year the most growth company became company “OAO Olonetsles” (Karelia) which increased its profit on 51,87%.
We congratulate all winners «Lesprom Awards 2017» and wish further success. We remind you  that according to the rules of  competition, the winners will get their awards on anniversary 15th ceremony in 2018.


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