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Industry news. Pulp and paper products in 2016

Новости промышленности. Лесная и ЦБП 2016One of the most important activities of our country is pulp and paper industry. News from this sphere of production even during economic crisis is always positive. And it is clear: there is always a demand on this production and there was no problem with raw material in Russia – coniferous and deciduous forests. We produce and deliver to external market not only clean cellulose (the main buyer is China) but also paper clean (copybooks, albums, sheets), hygienic product in big product range.

Производство технического картона увеличилось на 12%Production of corrugated board and products from it in Russia is also used in Russia. It is also necessary to mention about production of technical board: this sphere as defense and heavy industry in Soviet time was priority, commanding heights of country development.
Historically production of copy paper on the territory of Russia was lower but not so long group “Ilim” changed this “fault”: it was started successfully production of coated paper and products from it. More than 100 years ago copy paper has been produced. In spite of the fact that only some factories produce it (four factories at this moment) on the main markets we are on the main positions in this main niche.
Factories of our mill also as foreign factories during production of paper product especially for technical board try to decrease fiber capacity - environmental protection is the main topic for the whole world. According to the data in the industry news of Russia production of cellulose in our country is still decreased. Mainly it connects with orientation of group “Ilim” (mills of Siberia for export for Asian countries. So according to the estimation of The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade production of cellulose on the territory of Russia in 2016 is increased on 3.8% and in 2015 on 4,5 %.
In 2016 also production of paper was increased on 2.5 % (also because of force of group “Ilim”). In general index national pulp and paper industry shows the increase and according to the data is 101,8% (in comparison with 2015 when this volume was about 93,7%).
Besides the increasing of cellulose production (it was mentioned about above) and offset paper within 2016 the production of technical board was decreased on 7%. And container board was produced more on 5% and production of corrugated production was increased on 12%.
Among other directions of pulp and paper industry production of offset paper and school copybooks also is increasing. So thank to hard work on this market six mills the production of chool copybooks in 2016 was increased on 18%.
Of course, there are some disadvantages (according to the news of industry and production of newsprint continues to decrease and also sphere of publishing and  polygraphic has negative dynamics) but in whole the situation looks stable and positive.

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