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Industry news of Russia. New rules of wood preparation

Новости промышленности России. Приказ 474 Министерства природыOur country is rich with forest, it allowed partly to take the leading positions in the sphere of pulp and paper industry. Wood is reproducing natural source of the wood, cellulose; but it does not mean that it is possible to use it unreflecting. Environmental experts declared negatively against order of Nature ministry dated January 10 of this year where new rules industrial wood preparation and timber in park-forests of the country.

"Firstlythisorderwillincreaseuncontrolled cutting coniferous taiga forests” they considered. The full text of the document has already published before in mass media and industry news of Russia. It spoken about the order Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation dated 13.09.2016 №474 About confirming the rules of wood preparation and peculiarities of wood preparation in forest divisions, forest parks mentioned in the article 23 of Forest Code of the Russian Federation, came into force January 10, 2017.

Новости промышленности. Изменения в правилах заготовки древесиныAmendments in the order firstly touch  percent stake in the cedar forest plantations which are allowed for cutting, it is according to the plans of legislators have to have positive influence of pulp and paper industry of Russia in general. But MichailKreydlinprogrammemanager of the protection uniquely natural objects “Greenpeace Russia”, so he commented this order: “… Now commercial cutting is allowed even if there are more 44% of cedar   stands composition, before this limitation was 25%. Several times the information was published that people of Altai and Siberia kick even against planned sanitary cutting, and about industrial forest preparation. Now it is possible to cut almost all cedar plantation …”.
Publication “Kommersant” quotesthedirectorofforestprogrammeWorld Wildlife Fund (WWF) Nikolay Shmatkov: “Forests which are protected over ten years, now they are defenseless in front of the felling ax. Firstly the reason of these new things became that the resources of good quality industrial wood are finishing and representatives of pulp and paper industry try to find the solving of this problem”.  
That is good for one business may be negative for other big companies. Bigindustrialcompaniescanhavetheproblemwithraw material, it will be not enough. Such position was told by press-secretary of Arkhangelskiy pulp and paper mill Milena Avada. Inheropinion supposition for this situatiЛес – источник сырья для целлюлозно-бумажной промышленностиon became forest – source of raw material for pulp and paper industry, absence at the government real data about inventory of forest fund of Russia. Environmental Specialists and scientists mentioned on it a lot of times, the deal came even to General Procurator’s Office and Federal Forestry Agency, but there was not feedback.
Environmental experts also pay attention those limitations in the rules of industrial wood preparation in the new order touch only plant from Red book (liana, trees, bushes and so on). It was not spoken any more about rare king of animals. In the old rules it was forbidden to destroy environmental conditions of the animals marked in Red Book; it was not also important which plant grow on this territory. Expect the safety of danger the disappearance of rare animals this order contradicts to the existing federal law “About animal world and environment protection” such words were told by M. Kreyndlin for the interview of Russian industry

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