New department for corrugated production was started-up

Новый цех по производству гофротары на АО Пролетарий New department for corrugated board and corrugated packaging was started-up September 28 at JSC “Proletariy”. Now the production will be done on modern high technological equipment, there is no analogue in Russia.
Governor of Bryansk region Alexander Bogomaz, chairman of the board JSC “Proletariy Yuriy Ivanovich Bondarev, General Director of JSC “Proletariy” Nikolay Kovtunov, acting chairman of Bryansk regional Duma Anatoliy Bugaev, representatives of Federal Tax Service, Bryansk customs, main branch of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in Bryansk region and also – representatives of main suppliers of the equipment for new department, shareholders and management of JSC “Proletariy”.

Bryansk Football Championship 2018

27 tour
September 29 (Saturday)




1st devision
Stadium “Iput”, Surazh
Beginning at: 3:00 p.m.

America refuses from writing paper

В США наблюдается снижение спроса на офисную и писчую бумагуEarlier we have already written that the demand for writing paper in the USA is increasing greatly. This tendency keeps for some years but June 2018 broke all records. According to the data published some days ago AF&PA (The American Forest & Paper Association) the consumption of writing paper for one month (including copy paper) decreased on 6%.
Sentinel event is also that the stock of writing paper in the country continues to decrease: American people don’t see the idea to keep unnecessary good. The logical continue of the tendency is decreasing the export volume: in comparison with May it decreased on 3%. Export volume of coated paper without containing wood pulp decreased: on 11% for one month.

New factory for production product from paper will be built in Stupino

Завод по производству изделий из бумаги построят в Ступино (МО) According to the information published by press service of Ministry building complex Moscow Region to March 2020 in Stupino (Moscow region) will be started-up new factory for paper products and children toys.  
New factory will be located on the territory with total area about 87000 m2, permission for building and reconstruction was given. It will be built manufacturing, warehouse and administration and accommodation areas on the territory for production products from paper and children toys, on the surrounding area it will be built approaching road,  parking place, places for loading and unloading work.

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Other news

Объявление о путевках для детей

Объявление о путевках для детей
Работникам, желающим приобрести путевки для оздоровления детей
в 2019 году в лагере “Новокемп”, обратиться до 29 декабря 2018 в отдел кадров.


JSC “Proletariy” realizes to people free of charge

JSC “Proletariy” realizes to people free of charge
JSC “Proletariy” realizes to people free of charge (self-delivery):
- remainders of wall sandwich panels;
- wastes of wood constructions ( pallets, wood panels and so on)
It is possible the delivery of the transport from JSC “Proletariy (price 300 rub.)
On the issue of taking you can apply to purchase department on the phones:

Leading specialists of JSC “Proletariy” visited the exhibition Pap-For 2018

Leading specialists of JSC “Proletariy” visited the exhibition Pap-For 2018
Jubilee 15th international exhibition and forum of pulp and paper industry Pap-For 2018 was hold in Expoforum (St. Petersburg)...

Meeting with the staff of Surazhskiy agricultural technical college

Meeting with the staff of Surazhskiy agricultural technical college
Management of JSC “Proletariy” and representatives of agricultural technical college had a meeting October 18, 2018....
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