Management of JSC “Proletariy” congratulates pensioners

АО Пролетарий поздравляет бывших сотрудников с юбилеемManagement of JSC “Proletariy” congratulates pensioners
According to old tradition the management of JSC “Proletariy” does not forget about their pensioners. This year the jubilee has 25 ex workers of JSC “Proletariy”, the oldest from them is 85 years:
- Kokhan Lidiya Sindyunovna – print worker;
- Korobko Anatoliy Semenovich – cutter of technical board;
- Khlusov Viktor Ivanovich – tractor operator MTZ-80;

Indoor soccer championship in Bryansk region 2018-2019

9 tour
February 2 (Sunday)




Начало игры: 11.00




Beginning of the game: 2.20 p.m.
Place: sport gym of pedagogical college in Surazh

Belarusian factory Spartak increased production

После модернизации фабрика Спартак увеличит объём производстваAfter big rebuild Belarusian paper factory “Spartak” will increase the production in 1,5 times. The factory began to realize big investment project full reconstruction of technological line and stock preparation department of the second paper machine – Andrei Malinovskiy deputy production director declared.

Board-paper company (Lviv, Ukraine) increase production output

КБК (Львов, Украина) увеличивает производство картона и бумагиAccording to statistic data published association “YkrPapir” in 2018 Board-paper company (Ukraine, Lviv) increased production output on 25,1% ( in comparison with last year 2017) or in monetary equivalent – up to 604,55 mln.hrn.
Production output – base for sanitary and hygienic production increased on 13,4%(or to 6,07 thous.ton), production output of box board increased  on 2% or up to 24,86thous.ton. Production of toilet paper of all kinds of paper on 1%( to 3,49 mln.rolls).
It is worth to mention joint stock company “Board-paper company” shows not the first time stable increasing of production output. According to the result of 2017 the company increased total production volume on 24,7%, in 2016 – to 483,4 mln.hrn, whereas production volume  of paper in physical data increased on 34,4 (to 5,35 thous.ton), board production increased on 10,5% ( or to 24,4 thous.ton).

Consumption volume of special board greatly increase

Через 10 лет рынок специальных видов бумаги достигнет 54млрд.$Research agency FMI (Future Market Insights) published curious data according to them in ten years sale of special kinds of paper will reach 40000 ton per year or 54 mld.dolars. According to the estimates FMI the market of special kinds of paper will be increased annually on 5,2%. It is expected that West Europe on market volume will go before North America and countries APJE, and it is estimates in the countries APJE the most hasty growth: about 6,7%annually. Among all kinds of special paper the most loveable will be craft paper, the second and the third place - decorative and label paper. Further - thermally sensitive paper, liner paper, self-copy paper and so on. In ten years selling of craft paper can reach 10,6 thous.ton. Annually increase of the decorative paper market will be about 5,7% and label paper – 5,4%.

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Выпускникам девятых классов
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Interview of General Director JSC “Proletariy” Kovtunov Nikolay to newspaper “Bryansk facts”
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