Labor name “Proletariy” is 100 years

100 years ago October revolution finished private activity of merchant Tseitrlin, at that time he was the owner of Surazh paper mill.
In 1918 the factory was nationalized and when it had been in the hands of workers, it got the name “Proletariy” and till now joint stock company has its name.

Paper production. Interesting facts.

Производство бумаги. Любопытные факты Paper production in the world becomes more popular, it is fact. And you know that according to the statistics every year regular American spends about 300 kg of paper (office, newspaper and so on). The person from Africa for the same time spends more than 1 kg of paper. On this scale Russia is on interesting place: it appears that each of us spends per year about 25 kg of paper! It includes newspapers, magazines, documents and toilet paper.

Review competition for the best holiday design is almost finished

Today it will be finished in Surazh district review competition for the best holiday design of the buildings on the New Year’s Eve. Enterprises, companies, educational institution and Surazh people took part in the competition. Front of the houses, balconies, yards of the houses on New Year night sparkled brightly with colorful lights.

News of pulp and paper industry. Svetlogorsk goes to the world market

Фото с официального сайта. ЦКК Светлогорский This information has already published on our web-site: new line for cellulose production was started up on the mill in Svetlogorsk (Belarus).At the end of December the first results of new equipment which satisfied expectations of the investors. The line has already reached planned capacity – 400 thous.ton; from them 100 thous.ton according to the state program import substitution will be realized inside the country, the other 300 thous.ton will go to export.

Miracle – coffrets from Father Fros

This year Father Frost and Showgirl prepared unusual presents for children of staff JSC “Proltariy”. Wood house where the sweets put changes into bird feeder. It can be painted with felt pens to  hang outside. There is a logo JSC “Proletariy” on the house. There are chocolate and marmalade sweets of the company “Clavyanka”. The idea of unusual present from Father Frost an Snowgirl the chairman of the board Bondarev Y.I.

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