St.Petersburg KPK joined to ZAO “Knauf Petrobord”

OAO “Board printed plant in St.Petersburg” stopped its activity as separate legal entity and joined to ZAO “Knauf Petrobord”.  Company “Knauf Petrobord” belongs to 100% to OOO” Knauf Gips” which belongs to Knauf International GmbH (Germany).OAO “Board printed plant in St.Petersburg” is the biggest factory in Russia which produces board from the waste paper.

New director in “Sokolskiy pulp and paper plant”

Sergei Volkov was selected as general director of OAO “Sokolskiy pulp and paper plant”.
Sergei Volkov was selected as general director of OAO “Sokolskiy pulp and paper plant” (town Sokol, Vologodsk region).  This decision was chosen unanimously on the meeting of Board directors of OAO “Sokolskiy pulp and paper plant” dated 24 November 2014. We will make his obligations 2 December 2014, term of power is one year. 


On this moment there is a rebuild of new crane unit on ZAO “Proletariy”. In the building №2 which produces technical board new traveling crane installed and started up. Instead of old crane which worked more than 40 years new electrical travelling crane of company Konecranes Finland Corporation was installed which was manufactured in 2014.


23 November team ”Proletariy” played out. Place of competition: FOK “Starodub” (town Starodub”).  Our team got maximum 6 score sat this day.
“Proletariy” won team “BRO Dinamo” with score 2:1. Goals were scored by: S.Burak A.Molodkov.
With score 5:4 at that day “Prolatariy”won team "Chkalovets-TD BMZ» (Seltso). Goals were scored by: R.Tishchenko,  V.Andryushchenko,  А. Zyk,  S.Vener.


At night from 14 to 15 November, 2014 due to safety personnel of ZAO “Proletariy” it was stopped group of abusers which tried breaking and fraud from the car parked near then trance of the factory. In spite of the fact hat the parking territory is not belonged to the factory (formal the owner of this area is a town government) there is a video monitoring and patrolling twenty four hours on the parking.

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