Production of cellulose on innovation technology is started on Bryansk branch of OAO “Group Ilim”.
Press media of     Department of Education and Science informed according to the project “Science”. Specific of raw basis of wood processing industry makes standard technology of preparation cellulose is not effective because the most important forest forming species of Russia in Siberia and Far East is larch tree. Process of larch tree cooking is difficult because of it high density and high content in it water-soluble constituent of arabinogalactan. 

Event “St. George Ribbon”

April 22, expecting 70 years of Great Patriotic War popular patriotic event “St. George Ribbon” started.
As last years it is possible to get from the volunteers in the streets black and orange ribbons, the symbols of Victory day. According to the traditions ribbons will be free of charge. This special offer will be valid until May 9. Organizers promise the ribbons will be enough for all wishers.  
Weremember “St. GeorgeRibbons” appearedfirsttimeinspring 2005.  In 2006 this offer got All-Russian status. It is under slogan: “Victory of grandfather is my Victory, “I remember!  I am proud! “We are successors of Great War!”, “Thanks to grandfather for the factory!”


Special event under this tittle will be I n Surazh from 17 to 19 of April. It is devoted to the feat of millions of our countrymen who died during Great Patriotic War.
These people kept us our lives with the price of their own lives, they are worth not only the memory but also most important is the love of people.
We appeal all who share sthese ideas feels and whoisreadytopresentthings, togrowthetreeinthememoryofdiedrelatives.
Dear Surazh people! Organizers of this event during 3 days from 10 a.m. will waif you on Central Square. You can come together with your children, it will be useful for them. Youcanbringdifferenttreeswithyou: limetrees, rowantree, birch, aspen, maple (Russian), oak, ash, poplar and ornamental bushes. 


People from Surazh and guest came to the church Annunciation in order to meet Easter holiday. Christians made religious procession around the church with Christian Easter song. Beneficiary of the church Vladimir Faraon made Easter tradition. He congratulated all people with Easter and withed this holiday has happiness and peace to all people. 


Specialists of Surazh district administration, workers Klintsy and Surazh forest sections, businessman, volunteers from Klintsy took part in the event “Victory forest” initiated Forest department TSFO and Control forest of Bryansk region in order to save the memory of heroic act our people during Great War. Participants of this event grew 9000 of pines and birches. These trees were located on the area of 1,8 ha.

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