Product demand is increasing

Lately product demand is increased on Surazh paper factory ZAO “Proletariy”. Production facilities are used on 95 %. Staff of ZAO “Proletariy” will work in the days before holidays and during New Year holidays. Orders for the products were increased by the customers from neighboring countries and beyond. In comparison with January of last year sales of board and corrugated production increased on 20 %. Customers of the products from ZAO “Proletariy” are attracted first of all with the quality of the board and low price of the board.

Избран новый глава администрации

На третьем заседании райсовета главой администрации Суражского района избран Владимир Петрович Риваненко. С информацией о работе конкурсной комиссии на замещение должности выступил директор департамента внутренней политики Е.Ю. Тилюпа. Евгений Юрьевич рассказал, что изначально было зарегистрировано 7 кандидатов, но на момент собеседования осталось четверо: В.А.Зима, В.Е.Мехедов, В.П.Риваненко, А.П.Тимченко. Остальные отказались от участия в конкурсе.

Working visit to Brazil

General Director of ZAO ”Proletariy” Nicolay Kovtunov and Chief Engineer Evgeniy Yudenkov visited one of the biggest subdivision of company Voith in the city Sao Paulo (Brazil). There are about 2,000 people works on this factory. Dryer cylinders are produced there for our BM-5 with diameter 1800 mm.

Sportsman lifter from Surazh took part in world championship

It was ended world championshipon kettlebell lifting among juniors and men in Hamburg the second city of Germany. Competitions were from 20 to 24 November 2014. Participants of the competitions were 566 sports men from 36 countries.  Russian team won world superiority in team classification.
Bryansk sportsmen performed successfully in Russian team. Our landsman sportsman lifter from SurazhG.Ionenko got bronze in group of age from 55 to 59 years. In double event he pushed kettlebell with weight 24 kg 100 times and in long cycle 60, he was awarded with bronze medals. So Ionenko put his persomal record.

New team for development of forest complex

Russian Federation government decreedated 8 November 2014 № 2237-рconfirmednewteamofSoviet for development of forest complex affiliated to the government of Russian Federation.
Teamconsistsof 38 people. There areleaders of federal authorities of executivepower, governors, and representatives of big forest business in the team.

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