ZAO “Proletariy” bought presents for children of the staff. 800 magic coffets with sweets, chocolate, marmalade which are decorated with the symbol of the future year toy goat, children will find it under Christmas tree during New Year night. Also the factory bought 75 presents with the symbol of the year for with limited capacity which is in rehabilitation unit of Surazh complex social center.

Святыня в Сураже

Сегодня по благословению епископа Клинцовского и Трубчевского Сергия, в храм в честь Благовещения Пресвятой Богородицы прибыла частица мощей святого Пророка, Предтечи и Крестителя Господня Иоанна. Крестителю Господню молятся во всех болезнях головы. Но святой Пророк не только излечивает голову, но исцеляет мысли - помогает покаяться, изменить образ мыслей, все сознание устремить ко Христу, и в свете Христовой Истины осмыслить свою жизнь.


ZAO “Proletariy” planes to change compressors because of rebuild. Our specialists were in South Korea at the manufacturer of compressor equipment. Team was introduced with the manufacture of compressors, industrial site and organization of the work Kyungwon Machinery (Seoul).Asian partners produce all kind of compressors: piston compressors, screw compressor and spiral compressors.


Delegation of ZAO “Proletariy” visited company “Voith”. During this meeting both sided decided to change the day of shutdown BM-5 in order to increase preparation period. Date changed from 15 May to 7 September 2015. Detail schedule of equipment supply must be prepared to this that date and prepared customs clearance. Detail schedule means supply of the equipment according to unit. It was agreed with company “Voith” the installation the part of equipment without shutdown of BM-5 during planned shutdown and start up according to the units. It will afford to workers to learn and get acquainted to new parts of the machine before increasing the speed.
Atthistimethe choosing of the contractors for installation works during the shutdown of BM-5 are in the process. It was also agreed in Heidenheim that the rebuild project of OCC line should be on pre- agreed schedule. Approximately the start up of OCC line is July –August 2015. Supply of the equipment for new unit will be two lots in March and April of next year.


Beautiful New Year’s tree in the town

Beautiful  New-Year’s tree is installed in the central square, which became honey of children and adults of Surazh. 20 meters tree is taken from the nearest village Starya Kashovka.
It grew near the house of old inhabitant Evdikiya Fedorina, it was landed 25 years ago by her son.

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