Youth of Bryank region

This year many people gathered on annual festival of pioneer organization “Youth of Bryansk region”. Representatives were presented from 19 country and town schools. In general there are 1400 people.
To congratulate pupils came people who whom this date is not only the symbol but part of their life: administration head of Surazh district  V.P. Rivanenko, head of ROO L.E.Gigalova, veteran chairman of armed forces, veteran of pioneer organization A.P. Mehedov and others.  Pupils put the flowers to eternal light on Heroes Alea where this holiday took place, minute of silence honoured memory of died Surazh people during Great Patriotic War. 

Pulp and paper plant in Arkhangelsk started up new cellulose plant this year

On the area of neutral sulfite semichemical pulp in OAO “Arhangelskiy pulp and paper plant” did five million semi-final products from the day of start- up.  
Raw material for BM-1 and BM-2 goes from own cooking production of the plant which produces sulfate unbleached pulp and neutral sulfite semichemical pulp. Production of sulfate cellulose is produced on three machines of constant cooking “Kamyr” (company KVM, Sweden), neutral sulfite semichemical pulp is on two multitubes machines for constant cooking “Pandiya” which was manufactured in Russia with plant “Uralhimmash” special for Arhangelskiy pulp and paper plant.

June 1 – Children’s Day

Traditionally in Russia summer begins from international Children’s Day June 1. History of this day came from 1949 when in women’s congress in Paris discussed the question about defense of all widowed children and next year 1950 June,1  holiday was celebrated devoted to this issue.  Many countries followed this tradition and since international Children’s day is celebrated in all Europe counties, Asia and others.

Calendar of rebuild

- 4 agitators for new tanks on the project of stock preparation rebuild were supplied to the factory. Manufactures of the equipment is Italian company “Komertek”.  
- Dismantle of pulper «VOITH» is finished.
Dismantle was done by our force. Specialist of company “Proxima-plus” began to prepare basement for new pulper. Also specialists of this company began to do sewage channels and floors in the area of new tanks for stock storage.

After successful debut last year Mondi will take part in Rosupack 2015

  Constant aspiration to success in Russia and East Europe showed in wide product range which the company will present on RosUpack.
Mondi international group for production of packaging material and paper debuted successful on exhibition   RosUpack 2014 will bring to Moscow wide product range again. The company will present new and already recommended product including container board, special craft paper, industrial bags, extrusion coating, material with special coating, packaging for consumer goods and uncoated white paper.
Products of Mondi make life of million people all over the world more comfortable every day. Many people know paper “Snegurochka”. It is a leading brand name of office paper which is produced on the plant Mondi in Syktyvkar during 15 years. But Mondi is produced not only paper. On RosUpack 2015 company will present wide product range for industry and consumer using. 

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