Artillery round was deactivated from the time of GPW

28 June information was get to the operation station in Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia inBryanskregionthatduringearthworksnearvillageKamenskofSurazhdistrict explosive hazard from Great Patriotic War was disclosed. Group of special work GKU Bryanskiy five saving center went to this place immediately.  Thanks to activity of live-savers at 12.15 p.m. was taken and deactivated explosive hazard from time of Great Patriotic War. It was artillery round 45 mm.

“Proletariy” – Dudl (Surazh district) – “Salut” (Novozybkovskiy district) 4-1

Football club “Proletariy –dubl” won in five games of Bryansk region Football Championship in 3 division (Zone “Zapad”).  With 4 score he won competitors and took leading place in tour table.
Lastmatch "Proletariy-dubl" - "Salut" (Novozybkovdistrict) which was June 28 and finished with score 4-1 in our favor.
Goals: R. Tishchenko, 40, D. Lomko, 41, V. Andrushchenko, 59, V. Bondarenko, 69 –V.Kleva, 32.
V. Mamontov "Salut" onminute 22 did not scorepenalty /goal-skeeperА. Gaidarov/.
Warnings: N. Alekseenko (22, rough game), D. Lomko (61, rough game), V. Andrushchenko (68, unfair behavior) - А. Zverek (17, unfair behavor), S. Samusenko(35, rough game), А. Shevelev (68, unfair behavior).

Installation of new pulper is started

Next step of rebuild was started – installation of new pulper.  As it was written before old pulper is already dismantled new modern with more capacity equipment will be installed there. Now arrangement of foundation for future pulper is doing, preparation work for installation of new conveyer was begun.


“Proletariy” (Surazh) – “Mebelshchik” (Dyadkovo) – 2:0

June 25 team “proletariy” increased their victories, we won “Mebelshchik” (Dyadkovo) with score 2:0.
Goals: О. Kiselev, 6, N.Tishin, 20 /with penalty/.
Warnings: S. Sotikov(33, unfair behavior.) - M. Isakov (56, unfair beahavior.), V. Andrushchenko (60, break of attack), E. Kapranov (88, rough game).
Footballclub "Proletariy" takes leading place in tour table  passed team “Partizan” (Bryansk) on 1 score.
Next 13 tour where our team will meet with team “Bezhitsa” (Bryansk) will be Jule 3, 2015

Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia

26 June 2015 it is expected hard rain (40-50 mm) on the territory, thunderstorm, sometimes hail, wind blasty 15-20 m/c.
Becauseofnegative weather conditions (strong wind, hard rain) it is possible water-logging of low road parts, falling down of the trees, plugging of storm drains and drainage systems. Main office of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russiain Bryansk region asks citizens and car owners to choose safe way and do not use low part of the roads, to avoid standing under the trees and advertisement constructions and do not use cars without necessity. 

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Other news

Специалисты Voith с деловым визитом посетили АО Пролетарий.

Специалисты Voith с деловым визитом посетили АО Пролетарий.
АО Пролетарий давно и плодотворно сотрудничает с компанией Voith. В рамках подготовки к третьему...

Выпускникам девятых классов

Выпускникам девятых классов
АО «Пролетарий», в целях подготовки кадров приглашает выпускников 9-х классов образовательных школ для обучения в профильной группе предприятия в Суражском промышленно-аграрном техникуме по программе подготовки...

Выпускникам одиннадцатых классов

Выпускникам одиннадцатых классов
АО «Пролетарий», в целях подготовки кадров ведет набор выпускников школ для обучения за счет средств предприятия  в лучших вузах России и Белоруссии по следующим направлениям:     Химическая технология,   ...

Делегация АО Пролетарий с деловым визитом посетила Германию

Делегация АО Пролетарий с деловым визитом посетила Германию
Специалисты АО Пролетарий с деловым визитом посетили город Кельн (Koln, город в Федеративной...
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