Grand Prix to out countrymen

Almost 30 families will take part in popular even in Bryansk parade of baby buggy which is hold every year on the eve of International Children’s day. This year this bright and remembering event had its five year birthday. Every year its organizations Bryansk town organization and public group “Bryansk mothers and fathers” try to do this holiday particular and different from each other. If last year it was devoted the year of culture, so this year it is devoted to the Year of Literature.

Attention - the football!

Work team for building of pulp and paper industry in Cherepovetskiy District will be created in State Duma

As press of region government informed at the end of last week in committee on Resources management of nature and ecology of State Duma   there was a meeting about the issues of ecological safety of pulp plant which group of companies “Sveza” will plan to build in Cherepovetskiy district.

“Sokol” (Seltso) - “Proletariy” (Surazh) 1-1

June 3, our team had a match with "Sokol" (Seltso).Each team scored only one goal in each gate. Score opened "Sokol" , it scored on 8 minute the first goal. But last minute of the first half Ruslan Tishchenko   from "Proletariy" scored the goal to the gate of "Sokol". Result of the game was  "battling draw".
Goals: А. А. Romashov, 8 - R. Тishchenko, 39.
Warnings: I. Оrlov (52, rough game), D. Romantsov(76, rough game) – А. Panchuk (70, break of attak), E. Kapranov (81, rough game). It is the third  "stand-off" at our team this season. Our team "Proletariy" had 8 games  and took 2 place  in the tour table.

New recuperation-cooling station will be installed on ZAO “Proletariy”

Modern recuperation-cooling station installed on ZAO “Proletariy” (ROU).  Necessity in new equipment appeared due to planned increasing pf production BM-5: current ROU could not work with increased loads.  Supplier of the equipment is company “Altaiproject”, manufacture is OOO “Promavtomatika” from Biysk. It was considered to buy recuperation-cooling station of import manufacturer but the price was very high and equipment quality is not corresponded requirements.

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