Arbitration court of Republic of Karelia refused in satisfaction of petition in Russian Sberbank about recognition   Kondopozhskiy pulp and paper plant and opening concerning the procedure of production.
CourtJanuary, 21declared invalid the external administration plan Kondopozhskiy pulp and paper plant. Notification about declaring invalid the external administration plan was sent to the court by the banks “Uralsib” and “Vozrogdenie” and also by the companies “Spetsremteks Severozapad” and “Remtorg” which are the creditors of the plant. External administration plan of pulp and paper plant was confirmed by the creditors on the meeting August 19, 2014.

Three unwinders of size machine were started-up

There is a big rebuild of BM-5 on ZAO “Proletariy”. There is not only this development project here: the first step of size machine rebuild finished: three new unwinders were started-up, MRS-V5 of manufacturer «KUO SHEN CO., LTD», Taiwan. The fourth unwinder was full repaired. New equipment will afford to reduce the time   roll changing – base for sized board and correspondingly to increase the production of machine on 25%.  
Also changing of floor covering of new sheet stacker is planned near size machine: repair was done by our force without contractors.

“Proletariy” (Surazh) – “Novozybkov” (Novozybkov) 14-1

Lopsided score of the match “Proletariy" - "Novozybkov" which was June, 7 on our stadium “Iput”, it lead our team  to the top of tour table. The result of the game is 14:1 – in favor of "Proletariy".
Goals: V. Andryushchenko, 4, 10, 37, 58, 66 /from penalty/, R. Tishchenko, 17, 22, 53, 68, S. Burak, 61, О. Kiselev, 26, А. Zyk, 47, 67, N. Zaporogskiy, 85 - D. Vishnyakov, 51.
Warnings: S. Vener (42, break of attack), S. Burak (59, unfair behaviour - I. Zinchenko (41, rough game).
Removal: I. Zebolov (67, losing of runner the opportunity to score) - "Novozybkov".
In next match which will be June, 14 “Proletariy" will meet with   «ArsenalL» (Bryansk). We wish success to your team!

Arbitrage declared bankrupt Eniseyskiy pulp and paper plant

Arbitrage court of Krasnoyarskiy region declared bankrupt Eniseyskiy pulp and paper plant (Krasnoyarsk is included into corporate “LPK Kontinental Management” of group “Base element”), informed on Monday RAPSI in the court.
Bankruptcy manager ofthedebtorwasappointedVladimir Popov, declaration about bankruptcy was sent to the court ООО "Krasresurs 24". 


ZAO “Proletariy"took over the cost for repairing of automobile road on Krasnaya and Fabrichnaya Streets.
Staff of Surazh DRSU had patch work of asphalt coatings. The price of the work is 95 000 rub.
ZAO "Proletariy" makes financial support to the town and take part in its improvement.
So to May, 9 specialists of construction and repair work department of ZAO “Proletariy” had improvements of the monument to the tankers and the territory around it.
Builders repaired monument and painted the tank. In  Victory Day specialists of ZAO “Proletariy” put the flowers to the tankers 0f 50 tank division protected Surazh from Nazi aggressors in August 1941. Memory of died commemorated the minute of silence.    
It is planned changing of asphalt coating of the plant itself in the nearest time:  entrance will be repaired, roads and areas for raw material storage. 

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