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Happy trails graduates!

«Today last bell sound in the 70 year of Great Victory in Great Patriotic War! Try to be deserve those who gave the life for our future, for peaceful sky over our heads! Bring memory about great act of our ancestries in our heats! Appreciate your teachers and remember about your parents who are glad to your success and achievements. Good luck! Health, success and inspiration to you! These words of temporary acting of Bryans region governor A.V.Bogomaz sounded today on all celebratory assembly devoted to the finishing of school year.

Attention - the football!


At the beginning of the year ZAO “Proletariy” realized record amount of production – 8360 t. of the board per month. We did not have such shipments in the history of our factory. Commercial director Irina Knyazevskaya told about new records and possibilities.
- 8360 ton it is a good volume for us. We had some days when it was dispatched 1000-1200 ton of the board. We made this situation specially in order to see how unloading will be during decreasing of production after rebuild of BM-5 and which problems and “weak points” we will have.  Efficiency must be from all departments. Firstly it is necessary to provide paper machine with raw material in order not to stop.  Secondly it is necessary to load carriages with final products in time. We checked how people and machines can work with this volume.

You should know our people!

Match of our team “Proletariy” (Surazh) and team “Trubchevsk” (Trubchevsk) finished in our favor with score 5:0 which was May 24 on the town stadium “Iput”.
Goals: V. Andrushchenk, 30, 86, N. Zaporozskiy, 44, N. Tishin, 53, V. Kuptsov, 58.
According to the results of 6 games team “Proletariy” took the second place of tour table, it took 14 scores. Leader of this table is "“ArsenaL” (Bryansk), it is higher of our team on 1 score.

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