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Week without barriers at JSC “Proletariy”

В рамках акции Неделя без турникетов школьники посетили ПролетарийAll – Russian career- guidance promotional action “Week without barriers” which is hold under the federal project “Work in Russia”. Within the period from 15 till  October 21 it was organized for the pupils the excursions were organized to the departments of JSC “Proletariy”. The mill was visited by nine groups of the pupils 7-11 forms of Surazhskiy and Mglinskoy districts:

Учащиеся Суражских и Мглинских школ побывали на АО «Пролетарий»- 9 form MBOU-SOSH №1 Surazh;
- 8А form MBOU-SOSH №3 Surazh;
- 9 form MBOU-SOSH №2 Surazh;
- 8-9 forms Krasnoslobodskoe  division of  MBOU-SOSH №2, village Krasnaya Sloboda, Surazhskiy district;
- 9А form MBOU-SOSH №3  Surazh
- 8Б form MBOU-SOSH №3 Surazh;
- 9 form MBOU «Mglinskaya SOSH №1», Mglin;
- 8-11 forms MBOU «Mglinskaya SOSH №2», Mglin;
- 7-11 forms MBOU «Dinvskaya SOSH», «Vetlevskaya SOSH», «Simontovskaya SOSH», Mglinskoy districts;
 - 8-11 forms MBOU «Sokolovkaya SOSH », Mglinskoy district;
- 9-11 forms MBOU «Novoromanovskaya SOSH», Mglinskoy district.
Schoolchildren and students got acquainted with modern industrial production , actual professions , labor conditions, under this event they visited big industrial mills of the region. They were told about the opportunity of working there, studying with special approach to the institutes of the region, perspectives of career development. Children communicated with successful staff and main specialists of the mill. The main purpose of the project is to solve the problem with the specialists which the industry has now.  
Schoolchildren watch the film about the history of development the mill and plans for the future, then main specialists of JSC “Proletariy” showed to the children the departments in operation and showed all steps of the production: from the beginning steps of board production till final product – board container. Pupils got acquainted with labour conditions and perspectives of career development.
The safety of the excursions was provided by safety department.
Main inters from pupils was to control system for technological process of the production and packing line for final product. Both teachers and pupils were glad to hear the the mill is ready to pay for training of the most talented pupils in the best Russian and foreign Institutes: high trained specialists are always esteemed at JSC “Proletariy”. Detail picture report it is possible to see in the official groups of JSC “Proletariy “ Odnoklassniki and JSC “Proletariy” VKontakte.
Operators and reporters of GTRK “Bryansk” visited together with pupils, video will be available on the page of the official site of the mill and social networks.

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