Problems of Surazh were discussed at the general town meeting

On the last Friday it was the round-table  meeting where was the management of JSC “Proletariy”, representatives of district administration and the citizens of Surazh. The main topic of the meeting was development program of our town.
This year it was spent 12  mil.rub on the realization of program for creating a comfortable living area, reconstruction of the streets, yards. But in spite of this we have a lot of unsolved problems in Surazh  touching the quality of medical service, the creation of the good area for coming of the investments, repair of the road and the bridge across the river Iput and others.

During the meeting the citizens asked a lot of questions to the representatives of the administration, mot of these questions connects with the distribution of the budget.
Also the open issue is the building of new bridge across the Iput. Because of the increasing the trucks in Surazh  after the start-up of new department for production of corrugated board at the single factory in the town it will be the traffic havoc in the town.
The head of the administration of Surazh district Vladimir Petrovich Rivanenko declared that the budget of the district is small but the administration intends and in future to use maximum for the creating of the comfortable conditions for the people the part of which work on JSC “Proletariy”.
We suggest in the comment to this material  all wishful people to tell their opinion about the development program of our town, to tell the proposal for attracting the investors to Surazh district and making new working places.

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