Memory of died

June, 22 it will be 75 years from the beginning of Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. This tragic data will be kept in the memory of citizens of our Motherland. The war took more 27 million of lives of soviet people. At night from 21 to June 22 all over Russia and other countries it will be ceremony “Light the candle”. At 9 p.m. people of Bryansk region will light memory candles in the streets and the houses. Every can support this tradition in order n every family in this day June 22 always remember about died heroes.
At 3.30 p.m. on central square of Surazh it will be the event “Victory Star”. Light candles will be put in the form of five-point star. Surazh people together with their country will venerate the memory of died people during Great Patriotic War.

Погода в Сураже