Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia of Bryansk region informs about deterioration weather

Today in the afternoon on the whole territory of Bryansk region it will be snow, sometimes heavy snow, in some regions it may be snowstorm. South east wind will reach till 17meters per second. The temperature of the air at night will be about -20 degrees, in the afternoon the temperature will be about -7
At the result of heave wind and snowstorm it will be the possibility of breaking power transmission, deprivation road condition, difficulties of housing services and utilities work, falling the trees and constructions.
Be careful on the roads.

Try to avoid long trips. During the heavy wind it is necessary to avoid, construction and buildings with bad roofs. It is recommended to use boots with non-slip sole for people.  
Take care of yourself and your relatives! In case of emergency situation you cans ask help from mobile on the number 101.

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