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Russian ski track

Лыжня России-2017Participation of sportsmen from Surazh and amateurs in annually race became the kind tradition. This time February 11, 2017 sportsmen from Surazh 13 people at the head of district managers V.P. Rivanenko and V.P. Zuzko arrived at Bryansk to the place of mass race grove Solovie near Kurgan Besmertia. About 5000 people from our region took part in sport even "Russian ski track 2017". Participants were divided into 6 age groups. Competitions contained 13 dashes.

Heads of the town and region also took part in the competition. Special track was organized for professional skiers. 6 best sportsmen were chosen in each category. They were awarded with cups, medals and honorary certificates. 72 people of Bryansk region became winners and medalists of the event "Russian ski track". Surazh sportsmen students of pedagogical college Angelika Kostuchenko and Anastasia Boidrakova took 13 and 14 places. Poman Makeenko from the village Lualichi took 19th place, Dmitriy Lomko the student of pedadodical college took 21st place.


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