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JSC “Proletariy” on the exhibition PAP-FOR Russia

Делегация АО Пролетарий на выставке Pap-Fpr 2016Group of JSC “Proletariy” is on the exhibition PAP-FOR 2016 Russia. It is the biggest event where representatives of pulp and paper in Russia and East Europe. There are new development trends of industrial equipment, innovation decisions and technologies of pulp and paper industry on this exhibition every year. And this year there were more 4000 participants from 43 countries on this exhibition in St. Petersburg. Actual and interesting problems were discussed of pulp and paper industry, there were negotiations and the contracts were concluded. Group of JSC “Proletariy” together with business manager Knuazevskaya I., chief engineer Yudenkov E. and also representatives of different divisions of the factory, there were different meetings with partners.

     XIV международная выставка Pap-For 2016Evgeniy Polozhentsev head of corrugated production:
     - We met with our old and new partners from Russia and from abroad on the exhibition which manufacture of equipment for pulp and paper industry. Our delegation got some interesting proposals for further development of production. Partners listened attentively to all our wishes and promised to take into account it in further suppliers of equipment. We agreed about next meeting which will be in Germany in December this year.
      We spoke with our American partners producers of chemicals our further team-work. Before our factory had already bought preproduction run. We were satisfied with its quality and price. We will cooperate further.
Delegation of JSC “Proletariy” met with new European partners. Before the exhibition they were sent samples of our product. Now they have test run. This process is rather long. If everything is Ok, they are glad with the quality, we will get another stable client. Also we had some meetings with permanent buyers. We were discussed with the quality issues and increasing demand of technical board volume.
         Mikhail Mazur, head of department #2 of JSC “Proletariy”.
    We could agree on the exhibition with European company about supply on BM-5 new party of equipment. After it installation test run of production will be hold, under its results we will take the decision about necessity of further usage of this equipment. I would like to mention that partners worked very well: part of the equipment has already installed and started-up.
     At the end of this year we wait the supply the other party of the equipment which will increase us the capacity of BM-5 after start-up.
   We got an interesting proposal from supplier of fabrics. It is especially actually after machine rebuild and changing of flow-sheet. Our representatives discussed only the price with suppliers of fabric company Voith.
     Our specialists visited mount “BKT Service”. It is representative of many foreign manufactures of equipment, chemicals for pulp and paper industry and it would like to take part in some projects on BM-5.  
          Gontar Alexander head of DSC:
     We discussed with suppliers purchasing of new equipment for rebuild of existing steam and condensate system. It must improve work of dry section of BM-5. Also I would like to tell about the efficiency of suppliers: new equipment has already supplied on the mill. It was discussed during negotiations the issue about service of control system in department #2. The company has to prepare the proposal for JSC “Proletariy”.
     We also visited the mount of Belorussian manufactures of electric equipment on the exhibition. We are not satisfied with the work of some units manufactured by company Voith, delegation had some negotiation with Belorussian company about possibility to use their equipment. After negotiations it was planned the visit of the specialists on JSC “Proletariy”.

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