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The results of 1/4 final Bryansk region Cup on indoor soccer

According to the results of lot drawing the competitor of Proletariy in ? final became Bryansk football club “Lokomotiv”. The match was on Saturday March 11in Navlya. Unfortunately football club Proletariy was not able to go to semifinal of Bryansk region Cup on indoor soccer. In spite of all efforts two goals from Ruslan Tishchenko in the match with Lokomotiv did not bring the win. The result is 4:2 in the favor of the competitor. Nevertheless the fans thank the players and trainers of the team for beautiful game and with to Proletariy wins in new season of big football

At this day according to the results of the games ? final the leaders were chosen. Two teams from Bryansk went to the final – TSA and Lokomotiv. They will fight for the Cup of the region. Exact date of the final is not chosen yet. We remind you that football club “TSA” also became the winner of Bryansk region championship on indoor soccer and football club “Lokomotiv” got the second place.
Football club “Proletariy” got the special attention - the best finisher of the championship became Ruslan Tishchenko, he scored 40 goals

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