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It was a fire in the departments of Yeniseyskiy paper mill

There was a fire again on February, 3 about 17.30 on Krasnoyarskiy paper mill. Mass media of EMERCOM   region informed about it.
Under the data of ministry fire began in of stopped department of the mill.
As it was informed by SI EMERCOM on Krasnoyarskiy region territory of the department smoked to the moment of emergency group arriving. Moreover, it was a danger of fire spreading to the near area.  Firemen evacuated 20 oxygen containers, then started to extinguish. They could stop the fire only to 21:55. 25 people and 8 technics were involved to the extinguishing.

As it was known dry cuttings began to burn in the department. Before the fire, dismantle of old equipment did. Under the data fire began at the result nonconformity of regulations of fire safety during welding work. “The sparkle can put on the cuttings, and it fired”, - in mass media explained in EMERCOM of Krasnoyarskiy district.
Investigation of the event is underway, there is no died and suffered.


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