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It is interesting. Secrets of electrical board

Электрокартон АО ПролетарийEverybody knows electrical board or electrical isolated board is for isolation of some electrical machines and equipment. Power and oscillation transformers, power motors, radio technical apparatus, antenna, defense industry it is only some part the spheres where electrical board is used on the direct purpose. In accordance in this case main property of electrical board is used - big electrical resistance and subsequently - electrical strength till dozens of kilovolt on mm.

Электроизоляционный картон АО Пролетарий СуражFor example electrical board which is possible to buy on our mill has electrical strength 11 kV/mm. There is electrical board which is resistance to surface discharge and to the influence of high temperature. There is board which is calculated on the work in air medium, in the oil resistant to water and corrosive medium. Very often electrical board is used in the complex with other isolated materials, mineral and transformer fluid, bakelite lacquer. But not everyone knows that sphere of application of this kind board is much bigger. Electrical board has high density and resistance and it makes it ideal material for preparation of paper patterns in sew and shoe industry. Such patters are comfortable, not expensive and have good wear resistance. And also electrical board is not almost swelled in water – it is applied for manufacturing of insoles and also for shoes itself.  
Выкройка дамской сумочки, сделанная из электрокартона ЭВSome part of furniture for which is necessary high stiffness is manufactured from electrical board. Back of armchairs, elbow rest, doors and other elements for its production using of wood is very expensive.
We have already mentioned that electrical board is use in defense industry; but not everyone knows that it is used in high-reliable electronics: electrical board is also used for manufacture … wads for some kind of bullets! Material is easy, resistance to water and corrosive medium. What is it necessary else?
Electrical board is used in auto industry: it is resistance to oil, petrol and high temperature. Because of its longtime it is use in production of folders and covers for archive storage of the documents. It is unexpected …. But it is used in manufacture of icons and other church material! Material is resistance to wet (rain, blessed water, wet stone walls …). There is no mildew on it. It is rather strong. BecВышивка золотом на электрокартонеause of it, it is used for embroidery with gold, beads, for part of clothes of priests.
Electrical board it is uniquely material which has multi-zone applications. And we can say that our mill is produced this kind of board with values which is better than the same values of word producers! Detail information about its production and values you can read here: Production of electrical board.
If you need to buy electrical board produce on our mill, you can call on the phones written on the top of the pages or you can complete feedback: our manager will contact with you in any time and answer all your questions.


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