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International Paper firstly for some years got the profit from taking part in wood industry group "Ilim"

Last year was record for froup "Ilim", told in the report one of stockholders - American company International Paper. During decreasing of the profit on 9, 7 % till $1,9 mld EBITDA of group "Ilim" increased in 1,5 times till $724 mln. Operation margin was 37, 5 %, one year ago it was 21,9 %. For International Paper was $131 mln. of the profit including exchange losses. Last time about the profit from participation in the group "Ilim" American company reported on the results of 2011 was $153 mln. Exchange losses were because of group "Ilim" net dollar debt was about $700 mln., it leads form the presentation of International Paper. It was also noted in the document that EBITDA of group in 2015 was record.
Group "Ilim" did not tell consolidate results. The representative of the group did not comment the data of the report of International Paper.

"Group "Ilim" as traditional exporter during the devaluation of the ruble got some advantages" told to "Komersant" the owner and Chairman of the Board of "Ilim" Mr. Zahar Smushkin. Sales of "Ilim" in 2015 according to the data of International Paper increase on 5 % till 3, 35 mln. ton ( export is not opened). Bu in general export of cellulose is increasing. Within 11 month it was exported 1, 8 mln. ton (+10,8 %) of cellulose from Russia, 1,2 mln. tom to China ( 13,3 %) according to the customs data. In the first quarter International Paper expects from "Ilim" in comparison with fourth quarter strong results, the pressure at the market of softwood pulp and seasonal factor will influence on.
Last year "Ilim" finished investment program on $2 mld. "In general we attracted about $1,4 mld. of credit funds. For group "Ilim" it is acceptable load level, proportion of net debt to EBITDA is about 2, 5" – Mr. Smushkin told to "Konersant". "Ilim" moved to profitability when he finished investment part, General Director "Lesprom Network" Mr. Bogatyrev Alexei commented. The biggest project of the company was "Bolshoy Bryatsk", pulp production with capacity 720 000 t/y, this project costed $800 mln. The production started in 2013 and now it reached the capapcity, getting the profit, Mr. Bogatyrev noticed. On his opinion in 2016 situation for "Ilim" will be worse. "Bolshoy Bryatsk" intended to export, firstly to China and the demand there keeps, Mr. Bogatyrev noticed. Under the condition of economic crisis for "Ilim" the main markets are China, Russia and "markets of economic radius: East Europe, CIS countries, Turkey, Egypt", Mr. Smuskin said.

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