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Interesting about board packing

Картонная упаковка для продуктов Board packing is used in our life for a long time. First board boxes were made manually, they were round (for keeping the clothes it is more comfortable) and it was about 400 years ago. Since that production of board packing has some differences: it was almost excluded hand-labour, form, colour, strength of board container were changed, prime cost of this packing kind was changed…
The world changed. Agree with me: it is difficult imagine modern civilization without board boxes! Furniture transportation, domestic machines and other usually things would be impossible (but it connects with difficulties and consequently – transport price would be unreasonably high); so habitual food products (drinks, milk, canned food…) would be packed in glass or plastic container, it would be expensive and uncomfortable. And also a lot of things would be impossible without such simple and habitual packing. Why is it so uniquely?

Картонная коробка для пиццы Board box for pizza. Firstly that production of board packing is very cheap (in comparison with other container kind). And time expenditure is minimal. From getting the order for producing of board boxes till shipment of final product to the consumer is only some hours! And most part of this time is for preparing of unusual design of the box and reprograming of the equipment. As it was mentioned before manual labour is minimum there, energy and raw material costs are minimum, so price of board packing is so low.
But the price it is not the main factor: board packing has a lot of unique properties and characteristics. It is very light (additional costs for transportation are excluded), it has excellent absorbing properties (it is essential for domestic machines, during transportation of glass bottles and so on). During competent design of board box is possible to stand on warehouses in a tiered effect (saving of place). Of course, during production of packing it can be use different coloring matter; and it is beautiful appearance, advertisement.  
The other advantage of board packing is its ecological safety. Harmful and toxic agents are not used during production, after usage such box can be sent to recycling or can be thrown away – it deteriorates very quickly in natural conditions without any harm to the nature (we cannot say this about glass and metal containers).
Board containers have its pluses and minuses, but very often they do not have serious role. Boxes from the board are not clear and content will not be seen. It is important, for example for food is sold in the supermarkets. But this problem can be solved easy if the holes will be in the box which if it is necessary can be closed with plastic inserts. Some paper grade is water-absorbing it may influence negative on the quality if packing product. But this problem is also solved easy if during the production of board packing water –proof kind of board is used ( for example, electrical board, it is produced on our mill).
There are some standard forms and sizes named GOST for board container. But more often the it is more profitable for the customer to use unequal design and size of packing: because of this the costs for transportation are reduced providing keeping of packing products, corporate identity is kept. Not all producers of board container can provide such service to the customer. Our mill has professional designers which can design in accordance with all requirements of the customer and the equipment allows to produce board container of different forms and size , to apply colour-printing, to pack and to deliver final product by own transport in any place and time for minimum period. Our manager will give you detail information: fill in feedback form, we will call you and answer all your questions with pleasure.

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