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Industry news. The best general director of the year was called

П. Котик – лучший генеральный директор 2016. Новости ЦБПOne of the most important mews of industry of the autumn became news about win of general director limited liability company “Transsibirskaya forest company” Pavel Igorevich Kotik in national premia Lesprom Awards in the nomination “The best general director of the year”. Sponsor of the competition finished at the end of 2016 was company OA MONDI SLPK.
It is interesting that the winner in this nomination for the last year became Klaus Peller – general director if Mondi SLPK itself, it was written before of web-site and in profile news of pulp and paper industry.

Новости промышленности. Премия Lesprom Awards 2016“It is the winner not only the manager as personality but also the whole team working under his supervision. Because of this we decided to become sponsors of this nomination” colleagues of Klaus told.
Information appeared in news of pulp and paper industry that Olga Fatieva staff manager of AO Mondi SLPK congratulated Pavla Igorevicha. “The winner will became good motivation for further development of the whole staff” – she told in her interview.
«Lesprom Awards» is exclusive Russian award in the sphere of wood processing industry. The award was established in 2002 with information system “LesProm-Network” with the support of the biggest companies if the sphere.


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