Help to save school in Surazh district!

Almost 127 000 people signed petition for protection the school in the village Glukhovka of Surazh district. Fighting for the school has already been continuing for one year and half. Administration of Surazh district in February decided to close the school in Glukhovka where 0 children from Glukhovo, Evseevskiy and farmstead Kolesnikov study. There is only one bus in administration with 11 places for arriving the children to school. As experts noted in this situation pupils will have to wait for some hour for the bus, it can have negative influence on the health of the pupils and their marks at school.

Social activists wrote to attorney office. The workers of supervisory department analyzed the material, had checking after it they canceled the decision of local authority about closing the school. Guilty person was hold disciplinarily liable.
However the situation did not change to the best. As it was mentioned in the text of petition from August 1 director Landik Valentina Konstantinovna dismissed all teachers and workers of the school.
Do give your vote for the protection of school in Glukhovka you can sign the petition on the reference.


Погода в Сураже