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General Director of OAO “Volga” Dmitriy Donchenko made an official statement

  «Because of decreasing the prices for newsprint on the world market is lower of prime cost the final products and increasing the price for the main raw material (cellulose). Open joint-stock company “Volga” should decrease capacity and from April 13 to update three paper machines in department №2 for rebuild” – informed General Director Dmitriy Donchenko. Purpose of planned rebuild is to change technology of feeding raw material to production. Cellulose is planned to change thermomechanical paper pulp without chemical additives which will improve quality properties of the product and to give newsprint special glaze.

 For these purpose new department TMM with capacity 450 000 t/y will be build which will provide requirement in raw material.  Updated paper machines will start in operation after start- up of new department. Besides according to the rebuild new paper machine №8 of company “Voith” (Austria) will be updated. 
At this moment preparation work finished to the full changing of the unit form from cellulose to termomechanical pulp. High quality used in the whole world newsprint from this machine is 50 % from total amount of production OAO “Volga”.  
It is also planned additional increasing capacity of energetic complex (NiGRES) OAO “Volga” on 60 Mvt which are necessary for the operation of new department TMM.
Also Dmitriy Donchenko noticed changing of paper which is now the best ecological alternative to cellulose will afford improve not only the quality of final product but also decrease its prime cost. This project will help the factory to keep competitive ability on the world market not for this it is necessary big investments.
«I hope that the staff of the factory will understand this shut down of paper machines. I would like to mention that only rebuild will help us to alive in these difficult conditions of economic crisis”, - said Dmitriy Donchenko.
Information: ОАО «Volga» ( Balahna, Nigegorodskayaregion),which take some of leading position for production  newsprint in the country. It is a single factory in the town and big region tax payer. Production about 570 000 t/y is produced with four paper machine.

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