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Football will be prohibited in Bryansk region

Last Friday region football federation put the advertisement on their web-site information message about stopping football competitions minimum till the end of this year. All regional events from the schedule were prohibited. These measures are because of the claims from police based on federal law about sport, almost all sport grounds its requirements do not answer the requirements. In case of continuing the owners of the sport grounds and directors of football clubs will get the penalties.

The exclusions are training and friendship matches which are not prohibited. We remind you that the history with cancel of sport events because of bad conditions of the stadiums in Bryansk region is going from the spring when the whole football season was under the failure. Now till the end of football championship of Bryansk region will be 2 tours, football players and fans are very sorry that the question is not solved.


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We congratulate the staff of JSC “Proletariy” with new record

We congratulate the staff of JSC “Proletariy” with new record
In March BM-5 of JSC “Proletariy” produced technical board on 16,7% more than planned. It not only the increasing the plan, it is a new record of production of technical board for BM-5! It was also a new record for the speed of BM-5: it is on 14,3 % higher  than maximum speed  pointed in the contract by the manufacturer of the board machine!
Of course, increasing the production...
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