Our small town is popular not only paper production. Heroes of football was met with applaud and with cries “Well done!” “Way to go!”  in entertainment house recently.  It is clear: not every professional team can do that what our team from our town could do. WE ARE NINETIMES CHSMPIONSHIP. It says it all!

Young football team “Proletariy-dubl” was found at the beginning of last year. Team got victory in region superiority and became the owner of cup of 1stpresident memory of Bryansk football region federation V.Navrotskiy.
“I am on this stage already not the first time”, - Oleg Kiselev trainer said-“It is always pleasant to win and gather the awards, but nobody see how is the way to victory. We already had nine times this way.  It is difficult to come to the top, but it is more difficult to stay there.
Ruslan Tishchenko young trainer of team “Proletariy-dubl”-added:
“We should thank for our victories not only players but also fans. Their support is very valuable. We would not be able to loss when a lot of people believe us. And main acknowledgement is to management of the factory. We thank that management thinks not only about paper production and its profit. I think our town will agree with me”.
President of region football federation A. Artemiev came to our small town in order to congratulate our winners.
"Sportitislife", –he said from the stage of entertainment house – "It is live and even more. Is in cerely admired of Surazh football players, they took 9 times running, it is absolute record not only in Bryansk region but in all Russia!”
Alexander noted such success could not be without professionalism from the side of veterans and of course without help of management of ZAO “Proletariy” which gave all opportunities and some help to the team.
President of region football federation gave the medals, commendations and silver cups to the players of 2 teams, the commanders and trainers.
  Honorarygold figure of football player was awarded midfielder Klintsov Dmitry, he was the best player of the season.
Commendations and grateful letters “for extensive support and football development” were given to the management of ZAO “Proletariy” and mane leaders of factories, head of departments for paper production, head of municipal U. Rykov, head of Surazh district V.Zyuzko, head of district administration A.Zadiran and also divisional manager on youth policy, physical training and sport of Surazh district – N.Bolmat
N.Bolmat and Y.Rykov gave commanders of two teams letters of award money prizes.
Active fans were not out of side because there was not victory without fans! Commendations, posters with autograph of favourite teams and pictures with teams were given to all who the whole season supported favourite teams.
It was decided to make in entertainment house “Room of glory” where you can see attributes of our teams and their silverwares and awards.
Children dancing group of entertainment house of ZAO “Proletariy” finished the holiday.  Young artists under the supervision of director entertainment house L.Pauls and their leader D.Denisov danced, so they showed that not only adults have the abilities.

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