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Exhibition RosUpack 2014 is opened!

Exhibition RosUpack 2014 is opened!
17 Juneat 12.00 a.m. was the ceremony of opening the exhibition RosUpack 2014. More  700 companies from 38 countries of the world presented their products and services.
Visitors can see: packing and filling equipment, finished products from different materials, storage rack systems, automats for marking, manufacture and application of label and others.

On the opening ceremony with welcome speech to the visitors and participants were presented:
-deputy head of department of retail trade infrastructure development of board of trade and service of Moscow Zubkova Olga;
- Deputy Head of department of trade Department of Consumer Market and Services in Moscow region Eremina Marina;
- President of national confederacy of packers (NK Puck) Chuikov Vladimir;
- General Director of national confederacy of packers Boiko Alexander;
- President the association of manufacturers of packing and processing equipment «Puckmash» Puzikov Alexandr;
- Adviser-minister, head of economical department of embassy of Republic of Poland in Russian Federation Mr. Kshishtof Kordac;
- Director of Moscow of Polygraphyc College named Ivan Fedorov Stenanyan Irina;
- Marketing director and communications of department Mondi Europe & International — general sponsor of the exhibition Mr. Albert Klinkhammer.
The exhibition will continue its work till 20 June 2014.


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