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It is interesting. The talents of electric board

Настенная лампа сделанная из электроизоляционного картона 0 5 ммWe have already written before about different sphere of application for electric board: curves for sewing and shoe industry, furniture, church objects, packaging, hunting shells. But the life does not stand still, customers themselves tell new ideas for application of our electric board.
     It is known that if to glue the layers of the electro insulating board 0,5 mm or with thickness with 1 mm, we get the material like textolite but much lighter. It was used by producers of exclusive designer lamps. And they got this miracle.

Макет яхты, сделанный из электрокартона Electric board 0,5 mm is glued in four layers and then subproduct is cut ( or is cut with laser) for the lamp. It is possible to order the board with necessary thickness (it will be the electric isolating board mark EKS, it is produced at our mill).
Electric isolating board 0,3mm is used for manufacture inexpensive welding mask. It is very- very budget chСварочный щиток, склеенный из электрокартона 0 3 ммoice, at retail the price not more than 150 rub.; however, there is a demand on such personal protection devices. In this case it is used the quantity of electric board 0,3 mm without fire to observe rather high temperature leaving light, moistureproof and strong material.
 Such binders are made from electric isolating board 0,5 or 1 mm. And according to the words of the customer namely electric board suits for it mostly. The customer refused from the proposal to use archival acidless board which is specially meant to this. From his words electric board 0,5 mm looks very presentable and they do not need in long keeping of the documents.
     In Tretyakov Gallery boxes from electric board 0,3 mm and more are used for keeping of items. Obviously museum workers dissemble because it is better to use here archive acidless board mentioned before (recently we startПапка для документов. Электроизоляционный картон 0 5 мм ed again the production of this king of board), anyway they tell themselves that they order only electric isolating board 0,3-2.0 mm.
     Collectors and amateurs ship model sport makes yachts from our electric board: it is said they even swim, it isКороб для Третьяковской Галереи. Электрокартон 0 3 (и толще) impossible to achieve using traditional material: veneer, wood and so on. At this photo the model of Swedish yacht of 18 century made with application of electric isolating board (without clarification of thickness and mark of the board).  
      It appears that electric isolating board with thickness 0,1 …0,3 mm    also sounds!  In the narrow circles of audiophiles, "crazy" on Hi-End sound-reproducing equipment, oil-filled capacitors that stand between the cascades of amplifiers are especially appreciated. A dielectric in some of these capacitors is a thin electric board 0.1 ... 0.3 mm and even less. Condensers are obtained monstrous by modern standards size, but it is said they sound incomparable.
    Public proverb says that real talented person is talented in everything. The same it is possible to say about real quality product and also electric isolating board which is produced at our mill.

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