Does Surazh need dolphins?

I'm sure many residents of Surazh heard about the scandal caused by appearance of the sculpture "Dolphins" on the quay in our regional center. Just in case let me remind you: a group of enthusiastic sculptors gave the town its next creation, which was installed in the most crowded area of Bryansk on the quay. The motive is clear: the artists decided to become famous, the town administration reasonably decided, since it is no need to pay money  for it,it may stay where it was and civilize the place.
But the very place is chosen extremely wrong: the sculptural composition doesn't fit in with the surrounding landscape so the citizens are revolting! "Passion for dolphins" boil still. We all want our town to  become a little more beautiful.

Why are monuments established (and taken down),squares equipped,playgrounds erected in Bryansk, and in our town  – only a few meters of road were asphalted? Thank for roads, of course, (it's a pity that so few); but, as they say, not by bread alone! The fountain and the place near the administration building were completed a few years ago, but life goes on!
What do you think: do we need "dolphins", parks, playgrounds in our town? And if so, what kind of them? And where? Maybe it is better to build another pub,a shopping center or a game club? What do you think? Let us work together to solve it, because we live here! We and our children!
We leave comments enabled on this article, Express your opinion. Let's discuss what the town needs and what is not so important. And if it is a topical issue – local authorities will have to consider the  public opinion. 

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