Of course, celebration of 70 anniversary of the Victory became the main event of the week.
May 9, at 10:00 a.m. it was opened ceremonial meeting on central square. Victory Banner was brought under the hike of Preobragenskiy regiment. Bright and memorable became performance from town schools, group of young drummer girls, dance groups of children’s activity center and art school.
Head of administration V.P. Rivanenko, student of pedagogical school Anastasia Lakeenko gave a speech before guests.  Participant of the Great Patriotic War I.G.Mazurenko addressed to young with appealing do not never forget about what price our people got the victory. 

 Pupils brought portraits of their grandfathers and great grandfathers, great mothers and great grandmothers in holiday demonstration. It is glory and honor of each family! It is “the Immortal Regiment”!
Meeting continued in holiday demonstration at the monument in the town cemetery Surazh people and guests of the holiday could see performance of military –patriotic club “Spus”, to taste soldier porridge, visiting of the squares “Sing the song, friends!”,  “We will tell people  which we were”. Beneficiary of church in honor of Annunciation Vladimir Faraon served dead office on fallen. From the names of veterans A.M. Gribanov gave speech. Mass celebration continued in town park where was special offer “Victory Star” and colored firework.

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