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Coacher of football club “Proletariy” about the result of the season and plans for the next year

ренер ФК Пролетарий -Олег КиселевCoacher of football club “Proletariy” about the result of the season and plans for the next year
- We took the fourth place in the Championship of the region. The first time we are not even in winners. There are also falling in football, it is not possible to stay undisputed leader. Bright example of this world popular football teams – “Real”, “Barselona” which were the first and looser. This year football club “Proletariy” was left by N.Tishin, and M.Isakov. We would like to take new players but we did not find. We had to finish with those we have. Midfielder Andrei Zyk came back to the team. We took Midfielder Alexei Nikitin from “Partizan” and fullback Valeriy Gridin from “Dinamo”. We need to look for the players and to find young players.

Next season we will start from active training. In winter football club “Proltariy” takes part in championship in indoor soccer. It started in November and will be finished in March. On weekends there are tours of championship and region cup on indoor-soccer. Trainings will be started in February.  We lost many experience players. Of course, we will find new players, maybe 6-7 people from other teams. It also will be young players from “Dubl”. Dima Lomko this year will go to the army. There is no good base for sport development in Surazh. Now Surazh has special sport school, but its financing is very low. The salary there is very slow and there are no any conditions. Maybe next year new sport complex will be finished. And then children will have trainings in sport complex, in supper on the stadium “Iput”. And in order to keep the player after army it is necessary to give a job to him, salary to conclude the contract.
- Oleg Alexandrovich, what will targets be given to the team next year by management of JSC “Proletariy”?  
- To plan to go to KFC. But for this we need to change structure, the stadium should be of other level. There must be shower and other bleachers. It is possible to have game KFC in Klintsy and Unecha. Mostly we will stay in region championship. And when FHC is finish and new stadium is ready, it will be possible to think about higher level of championship.


11 и 12 ноября 2017 года с 10-00 до 18-00 в здании фельдшерского здравпункта врачами Брянской железнодорожной больницы будет проводиться:
-    Прием гинеколога + УЗИ;
-    УЗИ молочных желез;
-    УЗИ щитовидной...
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