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Region championship on indoor soccer. Results of 7 tour

There were matches of 7 tour Bryansk region championship on indoor soccer January 21, 2017 in the gym of pedagogical college named A.S. Pushkin.
The team “Proletariy” had two games. The first match with Bryansk football club “Lokomotiv” finished with the score 5:7 in the favor of competitor. Ruslan Tishchenko (football club “Proletariy”) who scored the first goal on the 4th minute and the team Lokomotiv scored three goals. On the 13th and 14th minute both team scored the goal. Surazh team made happy the amateurs the other scored goal but the team Lokomotiv on the 19th minute scored the goal in the gate of “Proletariy”.

In the second part of the match players of both teams were tired and every team only two goals scored. On 38th minute Ruslan Tishchenko could not realize penalty, so the score was 5:7.
In the second match of 7th tour “Proletariy” met with football club “Komarichi-L”.
In this fascinating game Surazh could not win, the result was 6:6.
The next 8th  tour football club “Proletariy” will be have away. Matches with football club “Sberbank” and football club “BryanskAgroStroy” will be 28 January in the gym of SOK “Gazprom GR” (Bryansk)


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