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Producers of technical board are for embargo of wastepaper export

Производство технического картонаEnterprices of pulp and paper industry especially non-diversified specialized on production of technical board, corrugated board and corrugated container were for extension of the embargo for waste paper export beyond the country. This theme was discussed again during the meeting of the head Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturow and governer of Tverskaya region Igor Ruden. It was discussed about Kamenskaya paper-board mill in Kuvshinovo Tverskaya region (production of corrugated container, corrugated board, technical board, paper).

Production products from the wood. Situation on the world market.

Производство изделий из древесиныFAO (food and agriculture organization OON) published results monitoring of wood production on the world market. According to this data volume of production products from the wood increases during six years.  At the same time volume of the sale of wood products decrease a little. This disbalance according to the confirmation of FAO is because of increasing of economics in Asia countries, increasing the market of individual accommodation in the North America but firstly is the development of bioenergy in the whole world.

Industry news of Russia. New rules of wood preparation

Новости промышленности России. Приказ 474 Министерства природыOur country is rich with forest, it allowed partly to take the leading positions in the sphere of pulp and paper industry. Wood is reproducing natural source of the wood, cellulose; but it does not mean that it is possible to use it unreflecting. Environmental experts declared negatively against order of Nature ministry dated January 10 of this year where new rules industrial wood preparation and timber in park-forests of the country.

Industry news. Pulp and paper products in 2016

Новости промышленности. Лесная и ЦБП 2016One of the most important activities of our country is pulp and paper industry. News from this sphere of production even during economic crisis is always positive. And it is clear: there is always a demand on this production and there was no problem with raw material in Russia – coniferous and deciduous forests. We produce and deliver to external market not only clean cellulose (the main buyer is China) but also paper clean (copybooks, albums, sheets), hygienic product in big product range.

Rebuild of BM-2 finished on Kievskiy KBK

Rebuild of BM-2 finished on Kievskiy KBK
Киевский КБК. Производство технического картонаRebuild project on OCC line BM-2 for technical production of the board finished. December 14-15 leading engineers of international company GL&V visited the mill. As press-service of the mill informed, result of rebuild became increasing the production of all line. It allowed to increase the production of technical board. Shutdown of the equipment was decreased because of technical reasons. Results of the test run confirmed by engineers of GL&V and the specialists of the mill.

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