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Representatives of paper industry ask about decreasing of taxes

Бумажная промышленность России – газеты подорожаютMay 12 to the address of premier-minister Medvedev D.A. the letter from paper mills industry was sent with proposal about amendments to the law of environmental charge. The idea of proposal is to decrease environmental charge on all printed press in the country and also for some office goods. This initiative was supported by many paper mills, management union of publishers NAI, management of associations of printers, representatives of ARPP (association of extension of printed product), members of Russian books union and union of paper distributor.

Russia decrease the production of cellulose

Таможенная служба сообщает: производство  целлюлозы падаетEconomic crisis had bad influence on national pulp and paper industry, federal tax authority if Russian Federation informed about it. According to their data the export volume of wood cellulose for January and February this year decreased. But at the same time foreign companies consumers of this product continue to work well. So to buy cellulose at Russian producers is not of economic benefit. Tax authority gives concrete figures of the statistics. When we speak about volume cellulose production and decreasing of its export so in percentage it is 11,9, and absolutely – 302,1  thous.ton of production.

Production of corrugated packaging increases in Russia

АО Пролетарий – производство коробок из гофрокартонаBoxes from corrugated board are almost one of the popular type of packaging: producers of many king of products estimates well this king of packaging. Statistics data say the same. For example, production of corrugated packaging in Russia in 2010 was about 116 thous.ton; and in 2015 this figure increased three rimes – 301 thous.ton. Last year this tendency continued: it was produced 323 thous.ton boxes from corrugated board.

JSC Volga rebuilds technological line BM8

АО «Волга» – технический картон, бумага и изделия из нихProduction of technical board and paper must be economical – it is considered on JSC “Volga”, where recently the other step of paper machine rebuild BM8 has finished. Main target of rebuild is energy saving, at the end it influences on net prime of final product – technical board and paper, and also on ecological situation.

ИЛИМ планирует возведение нового целлюлозно-бумажного комбината

Крупнейший производитель в секторе  целлюлозно-бумажной промышленностиКрупнейшая компания российской целлюлозно-бумажной промышленности группа «ИЛИМ», центральный офис которой расположен в Санкт-Петербурге, планирует в ближайшее время вложить средства в постройку нового целлюлозно-бумажного комбината на Дальнем Востоке. Уже сейчас ВЭБ ведёт разработку предварительного проекта будущего предприятия. Как на встрече с прессой заявил председатель совета директоров группы «ИЛИМ» Захар Смушкин, «… на сегодняшний день приоритетной стратегией развития компании является экспортоориентированность.

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