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European paper producers increased the prices on their production

Причины роста цен на газетную бумагу. Производство сокращаетсяEuropean producers of paper for books, magazines and newspapers at the beginning of 2018 greatly increased prices for their production. The precondition for this event was the closing four big machines for paper production. We remind you that we are speaking about the plants Heinzel, Stora Enso and UPM. According to the official version the liquidation or changing of orientation of mentioned plants was because of the decreasing the demand on the production because many publishers changed to digital media.

Cellulose film is in 30 times whiter than copy paper

Из волокон целлюлозы создана плёнка  белее офисной бумагиInternational group of scientists under the supervision of Silvia Vignolini created the film based on cellulose fibers which is 30 times whiter than the whitest paper.  
     Usually for reaching of necessary colour of paper or technical board during the production chemical composition of top layer try to choose in order it to absorb or reflect necessary profile. Mostly they get it using necessary colorants. 

It is interesting. The talents of electric board

Настенная лампа сделанная из электроизоляционного картона 0 5 ммWe have already written before about different sphere of application for electric board: curves for sewing and shoe industry, furniture, church objects, packaging, hunting shells. But the life does not stand still, customers themselves tell new ideas for application of our electric board.
     It is known that if to glue the layers of the electro insulating board 0,5 mm or with thickness with 1 mm, we get the material like textolite but much lighter. It was used by producers of exclusive designer lamps. And they got this miracle.

It is interesting. The Chinese produce toilet paper from excrement of pandas

Необычное сырьё для производства туалетной бумаги Big pandas are one of the sights of China. Now this animal will be used as the resource of raw material for production of toilet paper. The management of reserve “Chandu” (province “Sychuan”) signed the contract with pulp and paper industry “Sichuan Qianwei Fengsheng Paper Company” for supplier of excrement of pandas which is called in China “green balls”. Proceeds will allow reserve to provide comfort zone for animals.

Paper production. Interesting facts.

Производство бумаги. Любопытные факты Paper production in the world becomes more popular, it is fact. And you know that according to the statistics every year regular American spends about 300 kg of paper (office, newspaper and so on). The person from Africa for the same time spends more than 1 kg of paper. On this scale Russia is on interesting place: it appears that each of us spends per year about 25 kg of paper! It includes newspapers, magazines, documents and toilet paper.

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AO "Пролетарий" на ежегодной конференции Lesprom-IT в Карелии

AO "Пролетарий" на ежегодной конференции Lesprom-IT в Карелии
Сотрудники АО «Пролетарий» регулярно посещают профильные выставки, форумы и тематические конференции, проводимые...

Объявление о путевках для детей

Объявление о путевках для детей
Работникам, желающим приобрести путевки для оздоровления детей
в 2019 году в лагере “Новокемп”, обратиться до 29 декабря 2018 в отдел кадров.


JSC “Proletariy” realizes to people free of charge

JSC “Proletariy” realizes to people free of charge
JSC “Proletariy” realizes to people free of charge (self-delivery):
- remainders of wall sandwich panels;
- wastes of wood constructions ( pallets, wood panels and so on)
It is possible the delivery of the transport from JSC “Proletariy (price 300 rub.)
On the issue of taking you can apply to purchase department on the phones:

Leading specialists of JSC “Proletariy” visited the exhibition Pap-For 2018

Leading specialists of JSC “Proletariy” visited the exhibition Pap-For 2018
Jubilee 15th international exhibition and forum of pulp and paper industry Pap-For 2018 was hold in Expoforum (St. Petersburg)...
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