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Bellesbumprom strengthens the positions of pulp and paper industry of the country

Беллесбумпром на европейском рынке целлюлозно-бумажной промышленностиAccording to the press-release published representatives of “Bellesbumprom”, new factory joined to the concern some days ago: joint stock company “TSBK-Consalt” (Minsk) which is specialized on the sales of pulp and paper product of Belarus on European market and support of investment projects where manufacturer take part and which are the part of the concern. Sphere of the activity of new department – increasing of sales efficiency   of pulp and paper product and strengthen positions of Belarus factories on international market.

News of pulp and paper industry. Wasteless wood recycling in Svetlogorsk

Безотходная переработка древесины в Светлогорске. Новости ЦБПIt was already mentioned on our web-site about building on the base of Svetlogorsk pulp and paper factory (Belarus, Gomel region, Svetlogorsk) line for production of sulfate bleached pulp. Some detail information about it.  
As G. Dikovitskiy said at the press-conference vice-chairman of the concern “Bellesbmprom””: New production which will be on the base of our pulp and paper mill will provide us the full recycling of wood material. Everything is recycled: chips, cuttings, bark. There will not be waste, it will influence well on ecological situation in the region”.

Demand on newsprint paper in Europe decreased

В странах Европы падает спрос на газетную бумагу According to the data published by producers associations of polygraphic (newsprint) paper “Euro Graph” (European Association of Graphic Paper) demand on newsprint in Europe decreased again. In April this year decreasing in percentage is 8, 8% or in absolute calculus – 491 thous.ton. This tendency keeps from the beginning of this year: in March with the same production of newsprint paper the demand on it decreased on 4,2 %; in February on 8,4%; in January on 4,1%.

Pulp and paper mill “Volga” decreases production capacity

Балахнинский целлюлозно бумажный комбинат уходит с рынкаAccording to the press-relese published in the newspaper “Komersant. Nizhny Novgorod” and also according to the data in web-site pulp and paper mill “Volga” located in Balakhna decreased the production of newsprint till 15, 7% last year. In 2015 it was 21, 4% decreasing – 5,7%. It is the biggest decrease of the mill from 2013. The mill has this situation no the first time: for example in 2015 according to the official date it was also decreasing of production from Balakhna on Russian market on 8, 8%.

June 7 PAP-FOR hold a conference “Recycling paper and board”

Конференция посвящённая переработке отходов  технического картонаConference devoted to recycling of technical board waste June 7 this year in the capital of Russia in “Krokus Expo” will be tenth conference “Recycling paper and board”. This is the first specialized event PAP-FOR devoted to the recycling of pulp and paper product. The main purpose of this event – exchange and structure of the experience in the sphere of recycling the wastes.

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