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Increasing of pulp and paper industry from January to May 2017 was 7,4 %

Новости ЦБП. Прирост производства составил 7,4%According to the data published some days ago by Economic Development Ministry of Russian Federation increasing in pulp and paper industry of Russia from January to May 2017 was 7,4 %. It was mentioned in the news of pulp and paper industry that during one May of this year increasing was 2,1 %. Data of production in value terms was also published. From January to May 2017 it was 259,96 mld.rub.

Компания Apple инвестирует в целлюлозно-бумажную промышленность

Lisa Jackson, вице-президент Apple: Компания инвестирует в ЦБПЛюбопытная информация появилась на американских порталах новостей ЦБП. Всемирно известная компания Apple – производитель бытовой электроники (смартфонов, планшетных ПК и т.д.) объявила о намерении вложить средства в целлюлозно-бумажную промышленность. Если точнее, то инвестиции будут направлены в лесной фонд Китая. Согласно заявлению вице-президента компании Лизы Джексон (Lisa Jackson, vice president environment, policy and social initiatives, на фото), в будущем эти леса планируется использовать при изготовлении картонной упаковки для продукции Apple.

Prohibition against waste disposal of pulp and paper industry

Отходы целлюлозно-бумажной промышленности будут перерабатыватьсяAccording to the statement of the Russian Federation Government from 2019 it will be prohibition against waste disposal of pulp and paper industry, that is: industrial board, paper, paper and board packaging, corrugated packaging, corrugated board and so on.  Decree developed by nature ministry of the Russian Federation dated July 25, 2017 has already signed by Mr. Medvedev D. – Russian Federation premier-minister.
According to this statement together with waste disposal of pulp and paper industry is forbidden to burry ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, mercury vapor lamp, mercury temperature measures and other sensors where mercury is used and also scrap of aluminum cans and aluminum foil.

Production of paper will be decreased scientists of America consider

Производство бумаги из целлюлозы сократится – считают учёныеIn the nearest time it will be revolution if the sphere of paper production for print production – American scientists consider. Together with Chinese technologies American people invented principal new type of paper. Innovation is that paper can be used till 80 times and it is not necessary neither colour no ink for printing on it full colour image with good quality

Bellesbumprom strengthens the positions of pulp and paper industry of the country

Беллесбумпром на европейском рынке целлюлозно-бумажной промышленностиAccording to the press-release published representatives of “Bellesbumprom”, new factory joined to the concern some days ago: joint stock company “TSBK-Consalt” (Minsk) which is specialized on the sales of pulp and paper product of Belarus on European market and support of investment projects where manufacturer take part and which are the part of the concern. Sphere of the activity of new department – increasing of sales efficiency   of pulp and paper product and strengthen positions of Belarus factories on international market.

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