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Work team for building of pulp and paper industry in Cherepovetskiy District will be created in State Duma

As press of region government informed at the end of last week in committee on Resources management of nature and ecology of State Duma   there was a meeting about the issues of ecological safety of pulp plant which group of companies “Sveza” will plan to build in Cherepovetskiy district.

Pulp and paper plant in Arkhangelsk started up new cellulose plant this year

On the area of neutral sulfite semichemical pulp in OAO “Arhangelskiy pulp and paper plant” did five million semi-final products from the day of start- up.  
Raw material for BM-1 and BM-2 goes from own cooking production of the plant which produces sulfate unbleached pulp and neutral sulfite semichemical pulp. Production of sulfate cellulose is produced on three machines of constant cooking “Kamyr” (company KVM, Sweden), neutral sulfite semichemical pulp is on two multitubes machines for constant cooking “Pandiya” which was manufactured in Russia with plant “Uralhimmash” special for Arhangelskiy pulp and paper plant.

After successful debut last year Mondi will take part in Rosupack 2015

  Constant aspiration to success in Russia and East Europe showed in wide product range which the company will present on RosUpack.
Mondi international group for production of packaging material and paper debuted successful on exhibition   RosUpack 2014 will bring to Moscow wide product range again. The company will present new and already recommended product including container board, special craft paper, industrial bags, extrusion coating, material with special coating, packaging for consumer goods and uncoated white paper.
Products of Mondi make life of million people all over the world more comfortable every day. Many people know paper “Snegurochka”. It is a leading brand name of office paper which is produced on the plant Mondi in Syktyvkar during 15 years. But Mondi is produced not only paper. On RosUpack 2015 company will present wide product range for industry and consumer using. 

OAO “Volga” had successful trial of the first pilot run of newsprint produced from 100% termomchanical stock

Trial of the first pilot run part of newsprint produced by OAO “Volga” from 100 termomechamical stock was successful.  Quality of final product answered all expectations – technologists of the informed our newspaper “Vremya Volgi” factory (№13 dd. April 23,   2015). In order to save marketability of the factory in the condition of long crisis OAO “Volga” began to involve new technologies. The first step was changing of furnish newsprint. Since recently newsprint on MB-8 produced from 100% termomechanical stock. Final product from mono furnish satisfy the requirements GOST.


April 24, 2015 presentation ceremony XII All-Russian forest award Lesprom Awards was in Moscow. The best General Director was Klaus Peller, he is a General Director of AO “Mondi SLPK”.
The winners in other category became:
«Arhangelskiy TSBK» - «The best strategy in the area of environmental protection»;
«Forest holding company  “Cherepovets forest” - «Green energy»;
«Cherepovetskiy forest enterprise» - «The best forest control»;
GK«Russian forest group» - «The best investment project of the year»;
«Permskiy TSBK» - «Innovation of the year»;

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11 и 12 ноября 2017 года с 10-00 до 18-00 в здании фельдшерского здравпункта врачами Брянской железнодорожной больницы будет проводиться:
-    Прием гинеколога + УЗИ;
-    УЗИ молочных желез;
-    УЗИ щитовидной...


В октябре и ноябре 2017 года врачами Брянской железнодорожной больницы будет проводиться обследование щитовидной железы сотрудников АО "Пролетарий".
-    Забор крови на гормоны будет осуществляться в субботу 28...

Участие АО "Пролетарий" в VI славянском международном экономическом форуме

Участие АО "Пролетарий" в VI славянском международном экономическом форуме
АО "Пролетарий" приняло участие в VI славянском экономическом форуме, состоявшемся 20 октября...
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