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Russia and China will start production of pulp in the Krasnoyarsk territory

The first day of the 2nd Russian-Chinese EXPO, which takes place in Harbin, was awarded a major contract price of two billion dollars. It was signed by the Russian company "Siberian forest" and international Chinese company, China CAMC Engineering (CAMCE). Preparation of the investment agreement took a year.
- Exactly 12 months ago in the presence of Prime Ministers of Russia and China signed a Memorandum of understanding between our companies, - said General Director of the company "Siberian forest" Sergey Malkov. - A year has done a great job, we are pleased with its results in early 2016 start construction of a plant for the production of wood pulp in the Krasnoyarsk region.

Export of waste paper from Russia is a problem of nationwide!

Last week it was appeared the news that the ban for waste paper was imposed in Russia. "This decision will allow to decrease deficit of waste paper and to increase the volume of its processing", it was mentioned in press of Economic Development Ministry. Intention of the government to close the borders for waste paper export from the country, it is an excellent matter to explode a myth that there is no place in Russia for waste processing. Popular ecologist Alexander Tsygankov, project manager of toxic program "Greenpeace in Russia" told aboit it the following.
Not enough mills – or not enough waste paper?
We meet with different refuses from officers personal very often.  When in 2014 we asked mayors and governors asking to do separate waste collecting, many of them told us the following: we will not do it, it is not real, and we do not have any place for processing the waste. And there is no demand for raw material. 

Paper mill from Dobrush bagan to produce paper for plain layer of corrugated board

Import substitution programme is in operation. Dobrushskaya paper mill began to produce paper for plain layer of corrugated board.
Increasing of dollar rate influenced negatively not only on Russian business: programme of substitution is working now in Belarus. Dobrushskaya paper mill "Hero of labour" increases capacity of substitution products. Mill began to technology processing of new kind production – board for plain layer of corrugated board. This kind of product will be used for packaging from corrugated board. 

“Segezhskaya packing” starts new line for bags production

Start-up of new modern line for bags production for dry construction mix and concrete will be on August 28, 2015 in town Segezha (Karelia republic) in OOO "Segezhskaya packing" (Segezha Group includes in AFK "Systems"). Line has maximum automation level and uses for production of different bags with speed till 300 pieces per minute.  Line which is called E-9 allows to provide the fulfilment the orders of producers of dry construction mix and concrete.

OOO "Mayak - Technotsell" plans to buy paper machine for 50 mln. euro

ООО "Mayak - Technotsell" (SPОАО "Mayak" with German company Technocel lDekor) will invest  50 mln. euro for buying paper machine for producing base for furniture industry temporary acting governor of Penza region Ivan Belozertsev informed about it in the interview with agency "Interfax-Povolzhie".
Under his information start-up of new paper machine with capacity to 30 t/y planned on the second part of 2017 year.
"Duringrealizationoftheproject 60 high-technology working places will be created” I. Belozertsev told. 

Under the information of

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