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International Paper launches updated corporate website

XXI century is called the information age, and no wonder they say: who owns the information – owns the world. The largest enterprises of pulp and paper industry gradually come to understand this fact.International Paper, one of the largest international producers of paper and packaging, launches updated corporate website.
The new portal can be accessed with the development of the history of International Paper as international socially responsible company, watch the news of pulp and paper industry. The site stands out for its modern design and offers customers, employees, applicants and other interested persons information about the company's activities, review its products, services, career opportunities. By visiting the website, you can learn more about ongoing initiatives in the field of sustainable development and public programs. The new site is adapted for viewing on mobile devices, allowing to obtain the necessary information using a smartphone or tablet.

The largest producer of paper in Europe declared war on plastics

In the next decade the manufacturing market will overtake the paper of a similar production based on petrochemical raw materials, - said General Director of Stora Enso Karl-Henrik sundstrom.
As reported by portal Рro-Р, Stora Enso is a Finnish-Swedish forestry company, one of the largest in the world, spent millions of dollars in order to reduce the volume of paper production and advance innovative technologies of "rolling up" (wrapping).

OJSC Volga workers wrote an open letter to Russian President V.V.Putin

One of the leading Russian papermaking enterprises OJSC Volga (in Balakhna, Nizhny Novgorod region), which joined the Top-200 largest Russian exporters according to work results in 2014 , is in  a complicated situation. Steep demands of the grid company PJSC IDGK of the Central and Volga Region to pay enormous accounts for rendered services predetermine bankruptcy of one of the leading newsprint paper producers in the country. Thousands of people may lose their job,what may cause a social upheaval in the region. Besides, the shutdown may result in an ecological catastrophe, because OJSC Volga is the only heating and water supply provider for 50-thousand-town of Balakhna, purifying local residential and industrial wastewater.

The Ministry of industry and trade has named the best exporters of the year 2014

The ceremony of awarding the winners of the award "Exporter of the year 2014" took place with the support of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation on November 6, 2015. According to the results of the competition held by the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia jointly with the Russian Agency for insurance of export credits and investments (EXIAR) and with financial support of Vnesheconombank,  the winners were awarded in 6 nominations in the hotel "Radisson Royal" in Moscow.
The title of "Exporter of the year 2014" was given to "Ilim Group" (Leningrad region), Ufa motor-building production Association (Republic of Bashkortostan) and Frolovsk electric steel plant (Volgograd region).

Group of companies "PPPC" plans to produce chemical board

Group of companies "PPPC" plans to launch its own production of chemical board for flat layers. This is due to rapidly increasing cost and unstable supply of raw materials.
Today, chemical board is  purchased for use as an internal layer of flat corrugated boxes intended for food production. The main production PPPC  has been completely switched to the production of cardboard from recycled paper as the most environmentally friendly and economically feasible feedstock in 2008. There is  about 13% cellulose in the composition of masses for production of the inner layers, thanks to special technology, chipboard PPPC strength characteristics are comparable to pulp varieties.

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