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Press service of OAO "Volga" commented situation connected with petition in bankruptcy

Because of appearance in mass media information about bankruptcy of OAO "Volga", press service informs the following information:
Taking into account the size of OAO "Volga", volume of its business, social significance for paper sphere of the country, management of OAO "Volga" looks at the bankruptcy of the company as desperate measure in current situation.
Now the factory have some financial difficulties connected with judicial contest with the company PAO "MRSKA Center and Privolzhie".   
Numerous proposals of OAO "Volga" to management of PAO "MRSKA Center and Privolzhie" for settlement of disputes and also sent projects of world agreements on arbitration disputes between companies did not find any understanding.

Corporation Valmet won the tender for rebuild of causticization and lime reburning department in Arkhangelsk pulp and paper mill

January 27, 2016 in Vena Pulp Mill Holding hold tender for rebuild of causticization and lime reburning department of cellulose production OAO "Arkhangelsk pulp and paper mill". As consulter on investment activity informed Pulp Mill Holding Mr. Krupchak Vladimir the winner of the tender became corporation Valmet.
The following work on the area of causticization TSKRI-3 will be done:  changing of existing filters of white liquor including flushing of white liquor sludge, installation of new absorber classifier and others.
The main targets of rebuild of this area of Arkhangelsk pulp and paper mill are changing of moral and physically old equipment, capacity increasing on white alkali liquor, later- cooking boiler, improving the quality of white alkali liquor and also realization of oxygenic delignification level.

In April paper mill in Tolyatti plans to start-up new BM

This year in April paper mill from Tolyatti plans to start-up of new paper machine located on rented territory of SEZ "Tolyatti". In two month production of technical board and paper will start in standard mode.
"Capacity of production complex will be 35000 ton of final product per year. This year the mill plans to reach design capacity of this step and then to start designing of the second step" – press pf SEZ informed.

Mr. George Kalamanov discussed condition of pulp and paper complex of Russia with General Director of OAO "Group Ilim"

January, 27 Deputy Head of Ministry of Industry and Trade Mr. Georgee Kalamanov had the meeting with General Director of OAO "Group Ilim" Mr. Franze Yozef Marks and Deputy General of the company Mr. Slavutskiy Vladimir. During the meeting the parties exchanged their views on the current situation which is in pulp and paper complex of Russia.
Representatives of the company informed Ministry of industry and Trade of Russia about its operational activity, realization of main projects in the sphere of forest exploitation in Arkhangelsk and Irkutsk regions, reaching of project capacity of finished production and about future plans of strategic development of the company which are lead to increasing the capacity of pulp and paper industry.

SRO "League of waste paper processers:" export of waste paper from Russia is forbidden

Government Resolution of Russian Federation dated 2015-12-12 № 1372 "About temporary embargo on export of waste paper from Russian Federation" it is forbidden the export of recycled paper and board from the territory of Russia ( Resolution is in disposal  SRO "League of waste paper processers").  
Embargo is on the period from December 18, 2015 till April 18, 2016.
Besides, Economic Development Ministry of Russian Federation is prescribed to propose for consideration of Eurasian Economic Commission the proposal about introduction of the same embargo on customs territory of Eurasian Economic Commission.
Export embargo is long hoped step for Russian producers working in the conditions of constantly deficit of raw material. Besides, temporary embargo of export will afford to stabilize the prices for waste paper which increased twice during last 12 months. 

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