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SRO "League of waste paper processers:" export of waste paper from Russia is forbidden

Government Resolution of Russian Federation dated 2015-12-12 № 1372 "About temporary embargo on export of waste paper from Russian Federation" it is forbidden the export of recycled paper and board from the territory of Russia ( Resolution is in disposal  SRO "League of waste paper processers").  
Embargo is on the period from December 18, 2015 till April 18, 2016.
Besides, Economic Development Ministry of Russian Federation is prescribed to propose for consideration of Eurasian Economic Commission the proposal about introduction of the same embargo on customs territory of Eurasian Economic Commission.
Export embargo is long hoped step for Russian producers working in the conditions of constantly deficit of raw material. Besides, temporary embargo of export will afford to stabilize the prices for waste paper which increased twice during last 12 months. 

Scope of world production of wood products was increased

Total scope of word production of all main wood products achieved maximal level after world economic downturn 2008-2009 years according to new data published FAO. FAO uses satellite data for supervision of forest resources. In 2014 increasing of production forest material including industrial round wood, lumbers, wood material, cellulose and paper ranged from 1 to 5 % increasing the level of before crisis period of 2007 year. The biggest increasing of production was registered in Asia Pacific Region, Latin America and the Caribbean.

International paper Russia helps children of fund "Gift of Life"

International Paper pronounces results of promo-company "Large circle of help to babies" in favor of welfare fund "Gift of Life". According to the results it was transferred 18 fund   "Gift of Life" for financing of welfare programs. Combined social company "Large circle of help to babies" was started in 2014. According to the conditions of the company one ruble from every sold package of paper SvetoCopy transferred for helping children with serious diseases. This money helped to buy necessary medicine and to organize modern medical support many little children. As continuing of campaign in favor of welfare fund "Gift of life" company International Paper realized corporate New Year’s campaign. According to this campaign money which is sent annually for buying corporate presents for partners were transferred to fund "Gift of Life", and each partner was sent greeting card with acknowledgements.

The waste paper processors predict positive changes in the industry

In 2016, the Russian companies will increase the amount of recycling to 3.4 million tons, this was announced by the President of the League of wastepaper processors Andrey Guryanov in his statement at the discussion panel "Key projects of the sector: from ideas to implementation" conference "pulp and paper industry of Russia – new realities, new opportunities".
The reduction of turnover in retail trade, as well as the export of waste paper in 2015 has led to a shortage of raw materials and increase its value. According to Andrey Guryanov price for waste paper MC-5B by the end of the year from 6,5 thousand rubles per ton up to 14 thousand rubles per ton. In Europe also there was an increase in the prices of these raw materials, however,the growth did not exceed 5-6%.

Forest industry in Russia needs investment of 3 trillion rubles

Russia ranks second in the world reserves of wood. Forests are located at 69% of the country, the forest industry employs over a million people, about 60 thousand enterprises, but the share of Russia in world volume of the market is 2%. According to Russian and foreign experts of the international conference "Pulp and paper industry of Russia - new realities, new opportunities" the potential of the industry is enormous.
"The reserves of Russia only on the most valuable coniferous timber in the world reach share of 33%, but the level of impact of these resource is minor. Russian PPI power does not correspond to the best global technologies, requires modernization and attraction of new knowledge. The aim of the conference to arrange an opportunity to discuss the most important issues and  to develop solutions to dynamic development of industry and increasing its attractiveness for Russian and foreign investors in the process of discussion", - the President of the Union of timber manufacturers and exporters of Russia Myron Tazun said , opening the conference.

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