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Printing plants and paper industry notes decreasing of demand

Conversion of information and passing data in a digital form stands American printing and paper industry in front of big problems.
Printing industry beginning from 2014(with the lowest level) registers small increasing of suppliers but you cannot expect constant increasing. Digital printing obtains importance. Demand on paper and also printing and writing paper is decreased.
According to the data of "Freedonia" transaction in commercial and printing sphere will decrease a little during next years. Increasing product range of technical difficult ink0jet printers and digital printing devices in personal and mill using will be promoted to this. The biggest market segment offset printing may in mid-range period loose share on the market flexographic printing   and firstly digital printing.

International Paper firstly for some years got the profit from taking part in wood industry group "Ilim"

Last year was record for froup "Ilim", told in the report one of stockholders - American company International Paper. During decreasing of the profit on 9, 7 % till $1,9 mld EBITDA of group "Ilim" increased in 1,5 times till $724 mln. Operation margin was 37, 5 %, one year ago it was 21,9 %. For International Paper was $131 mln. of the profit including exchange losses. Last time about the profit from participation in the group "Ilim" American company reported on the results of 2011 was $153 mln. Exchange losses were because of group "Ilim" net dollar debt was about $700 mln., it leads form the presentation of International Paper. It was also noted in the document that EBITDA of group in 2015 was record.
Group "Ilim" did not tell consolidate results. The representative of the group did not comment the data of the report of International Paper.

Balahninskiy pulp and paper mill filed a claim about bankruptcy

Balahninskiy paper mill "Volga",Nizhniy Novgorod region) filed a claim about its bankruptcy, it was mentioned in court case file on web-site  of arbitration court. According to the open material statements of claim was sent to the court on Thursday. The date of sitting on this case did not appoint. Before it was informed that Volzhskiy – Okskoe administration of Russian Technical Supervisory Authority hold it to administratively liable  Balahninskiy pulp and paper mill for doing of civil work in protective zone of air line 110 kV "Blochnaya-3" without agreement with the owner – "Nizhnovenergo" ( branch of PAO "MRSK Center and Privolzhie" ). Paper mill was got a penalty in according with the article 9.8 code of Russian Federation about administrative offences.

It was a fire in the departments of Yeniseyskiy paper mill

There was a fire again on February, 3 about 17.30 on Krasnoyarskiy paper mill. Mass media of EMERCOM   region informed about it.
Under the data of ministry fire began in of stopped department of the mill.
As it was informed by SI EMERCOM on Krasnoyarskiy region territory of the department smoked to the moment of emergency group arriving. Moreover, it was a danger of fire spreading to the near area.  Firemen evacuated 20 oxygen containers, then started to extinguish. They could stop the fire only to 21:55. 25 people and 8 technics were involved to the extinguishing.

Segezhskaya pulp and paper mill will normalize the water quality in the town

АО "Segezhskiy pulp and paper mill" will coordinate with  safe standards the quality of hot water in the town. The mill and his partners throw water from heat supply system, sanitize storage tanks, check on containing of hydrogen sulfide and oxidability hot and cold water on supply and return lines.
During the work people of Segezha will be without hot water. Before to start hot water in the flats, specialists will check heat system and will have control analyze of water samples.

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