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Export duties on newsprint will kill the brahcn, investor of OAO "Kondopoga" considers. Export duties on newsprint supplied abroad will not help to reorient producers on internal market.
General Director of "Karelia Pulp" Pavel Kalugin informed about it in the interview RBK Petersburg (exclusive seller of Kondoposhskiy pulp and paper mill products).
"Export duties will not turn paper from export back to Russia because sales on internal market are in red for paper producers and this lose is covered because of export. Half of paper producers are already bankrupts, and if export duty is introduced so the branch can die at all", - Kalugin told.

Balahninskiy paper mill was introduced in "Honor Book" under the results of work 2015 based on administration of Balahna district proposal

this register includes the most estimable mills and enterprises of different property categories and sphere of activities which promotes with their work social economic development of the region where they are situated.
Because of this General Director OAO "Volga" Dmitriy Donchenko was included in All-Russian registry more effective heads and staff of the mills, enterprises during 2015. This list includes most effective heads and employees of the best mills, enterprises of Russia, and to take part in it means introducing of high level of competency and professional skills of effective and responsible managers which are able to work successful in difficult financial and social economic conditions and to reach of desired goals.  
These achievements became possible thanks to efforts of OAO "Volga" directed to the increasing of competitive ability and realization of investment programs which are necessary for rebuild of equipment of the mill. 

Mondi SLPK represented to the purchasers and partners rebuild BM-21

At the end of last week rebuild board machine BM-21 was opened officially. Productive as it seemed event was with real secular shine. Guests from many cities and countries arrived on "inauguration" (PM-21 Inauguration – in such way this event was noticed in enclosed release).
– Today it is very important event because the 21 machine it is one of the first from working here machines. Our "lady" is 47 years old, but today it looks like a child! – General Director of Mondi SLPK Mr. Klaus Peller appealed with these words to all people in Russian and then he continued to speak English.
He expressed appreciation to his colleagues and guests "who made long way till Syktyvkar not the worst place in the world" and thanked the partners of Mondi without them rebuild of PM-21 would not be possible and the staff of SLPK who made the maintenance of the machine.

Marketability of Russian forest sector on world forest market is decreased

Forest forum Greenpeace Russia informs that Federal agency of state statistics published data about production of separate kind of industry for January 2016 and also for the whole period from January 1999 by month. From production of forest sector paper, chipboard and lumber (the last one in different variations: till 2009 as only lumber and from 2009 as "lumber longitudinal sawed or chipped…" but it doesn’t change the idea).
Data of Russian Statistics Committee is not exactly accurate on lumber (because they don’t consider production of this lumber with small illegal saw-mills, there are a lot in our country); but because of its deviation is systematic, under the dynamics of this data it is possible to estimate about some long term process happens in some of the spheres.

Road toll on federal roads of lumber vessels and trucks with weight more 12 ton is decreased temporary

Road toll for the auto with gross laden weight more 12 ton (including lumber vessels- all of them have such weight) on auto –road of general use of federal importance taken from November 15, 2015 decreased on permanent basis on 59%.
According to the decree of Government of Russian Federation dated May 18, 2015 № 474, this payment should be 3 rub.73 kop. per kilometer but after serious objections of long-distance driver the government decided to decrease it. It was fixed decreasing coefficient 0,41 till February 29, 2016 to this payment  by the  decree of the Government of Russian Federation dated November 3, 2015 № 1191.

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