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It was stopped the waste deposit of burn chips in Krasnouyarsk in Eniseiskiy pulp and paper mill

We remind you the waste deposit in the town area has already been burned and became the reason of initiation of criminal case about atmosphere contamination. February 8 it was declared in administration that with the help of high building machines it was began the separation the burn of stored reagents from main volume, then it was their filling, then storing on surrounding territory.

Scientists from Sweden wooden glass

Wood it is a wonderful material for building. It is strong, cheap, renew and flexible. Possible the wood finds its usage in window production and solar panels and as cheap alternative to more traditional silica glass. The matter is that group of explores from Sweden Queen technological institute (KNT) under the management of professor Lars found the way of chemical removing of lignin from natural wood fibres.
Exploration was published in the magazine Biomacromolecules, you can get acquainted with it on web-site Science Daily.
Lignin is the agent characterized stiffened walls plant cells. Thanks to its removal the explores were able to  bleach  the wood and to do it almost clear.


In 2015 г. Group of companies  Titan  sent 15,9 mln. rub. for forests regeneration. Specialists of corporate had reforestation works on the whole territory of rented forest fond in Arkhangelsk region ob the total area 11 558,1 ha.
The list of work included work on false, natural and combined reforestation, taking care of underbrush.  
Under the work of creation of forest culture it was grown 1,7 mln. Pine and fir, it was planted 12 kg of seeds of this type of the trees. Care for the underbrush was done on the area 1 724, 5 ha.
All forests  2,7 mln.ha (the area of forests) which managed by the company certificated on international standards of Forest Stewardship Council FSC™.


Export duties on newsprint will kill the brahcn, investor of OAO "Kondopoga" considers. Export duties on newsprint supplied abroad will not help to reorient producers on internal market.
General Director of "Karelia Pulp" Pavel Kalugin informed about it in the interview RBK Petersburg (exclusive seller of Kondoposhskiy pulp and paper mill products).
"Export duties will not turn paper from export back to Russia because sales on internal market are in red for paper producers and this lose is covered because of export. Half of paper producers are already bankrupts, and if export duty is introduced so the branch can die at all", - Kalugin told.

Balahninskiy paper mill was introduced in "Honor Book" under the results of work 2015 based on administration of Balahna district proposal

this register includes the most estimable mills and enterprises of different property categories and sphere of activities which promotes with their work social economic development of the region where they are situated.
Because of this General Director OAO "Volga" Dmitriy Donchenko was included in All-Russian registry more effective heads and staff of the mills, enterprises during 2015. This list includes most effective heads and employees of the best mills, enterprises of Russia, and to take part in it means introducing of high level of competency and professional skills of effective and responsible managers which are able to work successful in difficult financial and social economic conditions and to reach of desired goals.  
These achievements became possible thanks to efforts of OAO "Volga" directed to the increasing of competitive ability and realization of investment programs which are necessary for rebuild of equipment of the mill. 

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