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The results of planned shut - down OAO “Volga”

Annual planned shut-down of OAO “Volga” which is an integral part of mill production finished May 6. Equipment of the mill was started-up according to confirmed schedule.
Before the workers of OAO “Volga” was serious task – to do big volume of the work in a short period connected with all engineer systems and main technological equipment of the mill. And they did this task well. 
According to the planned shut-down the staff of department №3 , energy department, electrical department and other departments of OAO “Volga” did a big volume of the work for inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment including generator units and high voltage cable. Especially with the support of electric department it was done the repair of electrical equipment of the station “Nakat”, specialists of electrical department did the trial of protection relay, and the staff of energy department did the inspection of compressor department and pump stations.

SFT Group: buying of Molskovkaya board-polygraphic mill

SFT Group company № 1 of packing on the market from corrugated board and recycled board, in Russia, it declares about buying Molkovskaya board-polygraphic mill.
Molkovskaya board-polygraphic mill is the producer of packing from coated board and laminated corrugated board, it is located in Moscow region. The production of the mill is manufactured on modern equipment which allows to produce packing of any configuration and difficulty for different goods.

Paper mill “Volga” plans to invest 2,5 mld.rub in new department of thermomechanical stock

ОАО "Volga" (Balahna, Nizhniy Novgorod region), it is one of the biggest in Russia producers and exporter of newsprint paper, it plans to invest 2,5 mld.rub. for making new department  of thermomechanical stock, RIA new on the mill informed.
"At this moment technical documents of the project are in the process of development, the supplier is already chosen, financial model is determined. There are also the proposals from the banks which are ready to give financial resources for building of new department its capacity will be 600 ton per day”- told the talker.

Balahninskiy paper plant build new department

General Director of OAO “Volga” Dmitriy Donchenko told that in July of this year building of new department  for preparation of thermomechanical stock will be started which will allow to increase the paper production.
Planned sum of investment to the project is 2, 5 mld. rubles it is expected that the investments will be recovered in two and half years.   General Director mentioned firstly the plant will produce newsprint paper because for this he has all necessary equipment. At the same time paper machines will be prepared to rebuild for production of easy  coated paper, its production will be 100 000 ton. At this moment easy coated paper is bought abroad, and the plant is going to use this part of the market.
On the material of

Public Chamber of Russian Federation finishes new redaction 35-FL "About Electric Power"

April 5 in Public Chamber of Russian Federation was roundtable discussion where it was discussed the conditions of going the factories of pulp and paper industry on wholesale market of electric power based on new redaction of Federal law 35-FL "About electric power" which under the opinion of market participants does not consider factories making the electric power firstly for their needs.
 "We lay big hopes on the development of forest industry and its increasing of interests in the structure of GDP of the country. At this moment it is about 1, 5 % we have big prospects for increasing and investments, however the activity of investors depends a lot on stability of base values doing of economic activity", member of committee OP RF on the development of real economic sector Victor Grachev opened roundtable discussion.
  First Vice President of RAO "Bumprom" Vladimir Chuiko told about changes which were  brought in the work of pulp and paper mills with   new redaction item 5 clause 36 Federal law 35- FL.

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