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It was changed the name of Arkhangelskiy paper mill

Arkhangelskiy paper mill one of leading forest – chemical mill in Russia, the biggest producer of container board and one the leaders for cellulose production from June 24, 2016 changed official name. Now full name of the mill  is Joint stock company “Arkhangelskiy paper mill”, shortly – JSC “Arkhangelskiy paper mill”. Re-registering of the contracts using new name is not necessary, all current contracts and agreements concluded before keep in force. Changing of the name does not lead to changing of details OGRN, I TIN, addresses, telephones and other details JSC “Arkhangelskiy paper mill”. The reason of changing is not clarified in official press-release.
Press-release JSC "Arkhangelskiy paper mill".

OAO Kondopoga was recognized as a bankrupt

Arbitration court of Karelia recognized OAO “Kondopoga” bankrupt and opened in the case of it procedure of bankruptcy administration.
"During the proceeding external administrator Andrei Shutilov explained that all measures were not done to the full mentioned with the plan of external management, it was not able to do additional issue of shares of the mill”, it was mentioned in the message.

The law released from VAT realization of waste paper was signed

President of Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin signed federal law “About amendments in the article 149 of part two The Russian Tax Code”.

Salaries of the staff are increased on Arkhangelskiy paper mill

Salaries on Arkhangelskiy paper mill are increased on 10 %.  
According to the decision of stockholder ОАО "Arkhangelskiy paper mill" - Pulp Mill Holding GmbH (Austria) from July 1, 2016 in accordance with current collective contract current rates and salaries of the workers of the mill and its subsidiary companies – OAO “Arhbum” and OAO “Byt” are increased on 10 % on all structural subdivision of the company.
As General Director of Arkhangelskiy paper mill commented Dmitriy Zylev definite role in this decision was adviser Pulp Mill Holding on investment activity Vladimir Krupchak.
"Stockholder of the mill obeyed not only with Collective contract on the mill – noticed top manager of the company. Arkhangelskiy paper mill always is   socially oriented mill, estimated our uniquely staff”.

It was suggested in the State Duma to prohibit the export of round timber softwood

Member of duma safety committee and corruption management Dmitry Nosov introduced a bill in the State Duma about prohibition of export from Russia round timber of softwood within 5 years and penalties for its violation. It is suggested to introduce amends in Forestry code of Russian Federation and Russian Code about administrative violation, RIA news informs.
In explanatory memorandum Nosov pointed out that the wood is one of the most important wealth in Russia but in spite of big and different forest in Russia, there is a deficit of the wood in Russia. Deputy connects this moment with the export of the wood.
"It is suggested to prohibit with the project of federal law export from Russian Federation by incorporated and unincorporated businesses round timbers of softwood. It is suggested to determine that round timbers are timbers got with the way of fission. It is suggested to determine that this embargo will be valid within 5 years from the moment when federal law comes into force”, -it is said in explanatory memorandum.

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