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Specialists of JSC “Proletariy” visited international exhibition ROSUPACK - 2016

It was finished 21st international exhibition RosUpack, it is the biggest in Russia and in the countries of Eastern Europe exhibition of packaging, packing technologies and equipment. The exhibition was in Moscow, in Moscow exhibition center “Crocus Expo”. During three days on the area 22629 m2 there were 18028 engineers and specialists from 78 regions of Russia and 55 countries of the world.

SEGEZHA GROUP suggested to create ranking of ecological responsibility of the companies of Russian Federation forest-based sector

Segezha Group и WWF of Russia (World Wildlife Fund) suggested to create ranking of ecological responsibility of the companies of Russian Federation forest-based sector.
It was said about during public hearing on the project of the first report about stable development of companies group “Segezha” for 2014-2015.  
Important principles of ranking will be unity of criteria for all group of the companies of forest –based sector and also using of accessible public information during estimate procedure of their activity.

The second line for production of corrugated board in Penza was started-up

The second line for corrugated board production officially was started-up in Penza June 21. Now it was promised to provide the whole region its own board packing. Now line of corrugate board production it is the biggest in the region. It is produced good quality board on the mill, then boxes is done from this board, cases, inserts and other packing. Z-board so called “continuous” is popular among leading manufactures of furniture. Per year the company produces more 1,2 mln m2 of production. It was bought equipment from Taiwan for glue preparation which cooks glue able to connect different king of board from waste paper to cellulose. In future it is planned on the mill to buy new lines for processing in order to go on new level for quality and capacity. As a result 200 people will get a job. Especially the mill is proud of new lab.

It was reached new record for production in June in OAO “Volga”

It was fixed record for production in June on paper machine (BM №8): this year June 28  per day machine in operation with the speed 1252 m/min produced 717 ton of newsprint paper from 100 % thermomechanical stock with basic weight 42 gm/m2 with the plan 643 ton.

It was changed the name of Arkhangelskiy paper mill

Arkhangelskiy paper mill one of leading forest – chemical mill in Russia, the biggest producer of container board and one the leaders for cellulose production from June 24, 2016 changed official name. Now full name of the mill  is Joint stock company “Arkhangelskiy paper mill”, shortly – JSC “Arkhangelskiy paper mill”. Re-registering of the contracts using new name is not necessary, all current contracts and agreements concluded before keep in force. Changing of the name does not lead to changing of details OGRN, I TIN, addresses, telephones and other details JSC “Arkhangelskiy paper mill”. The reason of changing is not clarified in official press-release.
Press-release JSC "Arkhangelskiy paper mill".

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