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Industry news. Pulp and paper products in 2016

Новости промышленности. Лесная и ЦБП 2016One of the most important activities of our country is pulp and paper industry. News from this sphere of production even during economic crisis is always positive. And it is clear: there is always a demand on this production and there was no problem with raw material in Russia – coniferous and deciduous forests. We produce and deliver to external market not only clean cellulose (the main buyer is China) but also paper clean (copybooks, albums, sheets), hygienic product in big product range.

Rebuild of BM-2 finished on Kievskiy KBK

Rebuild of BM-2 finished on Kievskiy KBK
Киевский КБК. Производство технического картонаRebuild project on OCC line BM-2 for technical production of the board finished. December 14-15 leading engineers of international company GL&V visited the mill. As press-service of the mill informed, result of rebuild became increasing the production of all line. It allowed to increase the production of technical board. Shutdown of the equipment was decreased because of technical reasons. Results of the test run confirmed by engineers of GL&V and the specialists of the mill.

Rebuild of Arkhangelskiy pulp and paper mill

Архангельский ЦБК модернизирует 2 КДМ. Новости промышленности Arkhangelskiy pulp and paper mill rebuild BM-2. Stock joint company “Arkhangelskiy pulp and paper mill” successfully began program for rebuild of the mill. Under this program it was signed the agreement with company from Finland “Valment” about supply of the equipment for updating of the machine for production of technical board BM-2.
As it was informed in the news rebuild of production has some purposes. Firstly, it is changing of low efficiency and old equipment and then decreasing the costs at the expense of more effective usage of resources and of course, decreasing of negative influence on outside environment. Also one of important issues is improving the quality of produced product – technical board and products from it.

New plant for processing of wood will be in Belarus

Беллесбумпром планирует возведение завода по переработке древесиныBellesbumprom plans to do a plant for processing of wood. There was a meeting between head of “Bellesbumprom” Yuriy Nazarov and ambassador of Slovakia in republic of Belarus Yozef Migash where the opportunity of joint building of the mill for processing of the oak and ash. As the news of industry informed, this plant is planned to locate on the territory of Belarus not by accident. There is everything for successful development and functionality and full raw material and also modern utilizes. 

News of industry. Investors refuse to work in Russia.

Новости промышленности.  Swiss Krono Group уходит из РоссииInvestors from "Swiss Krono Group" (Switzerland) declared about stopping of civil work in Permskiy region where it was planned building of the plant for processing of the wood. Main reason of this decision according to the official statement spreading in the news of industry became negative economic situation in the country. Total sum of investment in the building had to be about 10 mld.rub. and the production of the first part of pulp product was planned to do at the end of this year.

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Объявление о путевках для детей

Объявление о путевках для детей
Работникам, желающим приобрести путевки для оздоровления детей
в 2019 году в лагере “Новокемп”, обратиться до 29 декабря 2018 в отдел кадров.


JSC “Proletariy” realizes to people free of charge

JSC “Proletariy” realizes to people free of charge
JSC “Proletariy” realizes to people free of charge (self-delivery):
- remainders of wall sandwich panels;
- wastes of wood constructions ( pallets, wood panels and so on)
It is possible the delivery of the transport from JSC “Proletariy (price 300 rub.)
On the issue of taking you can apply to purchase department on the phones:

Leading specialists of JSC “Proletariy” visited the exhibition Pap-For 2018

Leading specialists of JSC “Proletariy” visited the exhibition Pap-For 2018
Jubilee 15th international exhibition and forum of pulp and paper industry Pap-For 2018 was hold in Expoforum (St. Petersburg)...

Meeting with the staff of Surazhskiy agricultural technical college

Meeting with the staff of Surazhskiy agricultural technical college
Management of JSC “Proletariy” and representatives of agricultural technical college had a meeting October 18, 2018....
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